Kung Hei Fat Choi! 5 Simple Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Luck This Chinese New Year 2019


If you haven't started on your Freelancing New Year's Resolutions yet, worry not. There are actually 2 New Years for those who procrastinated this January.

This coming February 5, Tuesday, we will celebrate Chinese New Year, Year of the Earth Pig! And if you think you just needed just extra luck in your life, here are 5 simple Feng Shui tips to up your fortune this Chinese New Year!



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It's Time to Declutter Your Life

This coming Chinese New Year, it's time to let go of your excess baggage. Literally. It's the moment to KonMari the things that are not needed. In this way, you can let more fortune in your life.

Check this guide to help you in finding what "sparks joy" in your KonMari practice before Chinese New Year. Additionally, you can watch this video for cheap items that can increase your luck for 2019:


Tikoy for Stickier Relationships

"Tikoy" (or internationally known as "Nian Gao") is a glutinous rice cake, which is a staple for Chinese New Year. The "sticky" texture of the rice cake symbolizes stronger bonds for your family and friends this coming 2019.

Go on! Give out Tikoy to your family and friends this coming Chinese New Year!



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Wear Lucky Colors: Red, Yellow, or Green

According to Feng Shui adviser Johnson Cua, the lucky colors for the year is Red, Yellow, and Green.

“Fire energy is good so you can wear red agate or red garnet, which can boost our power and boost our emotions to positivity. Yellow, like citrine, can help us stabilize, and then green, like jade.”


paystaff_badhabits_Bright Lights

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Bright Lights for the Whole February 4 to February 5

According to Feng Shui Expert Master Hans Cua, you need to brighten your house this coming Chinese New Year celebration. Just for this day, you might want to turn your lights on. It will attract good fortune in your home.



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Scatter Coins Around Your House

The tradition of throwing and scattering coins around your house is believed to continuously bring prosperity to your life. Go on smash those Piggy Banks and enjoy your jovial coin tossing.


But You Should Not Entirely Rely on "Luck"

According to Feng Shui Master Marites Allen:

“As I’ve always said, feng shui is only one-third of our luck. The other two-thirds consists of Heaven Luck, which is pre-ordained, and Mankind Luck, or our actions and decisions. Feng shui covers the things we do to harmonize our environment.”

This means that regardless of your Chinese Zodiac's Luck this year, it will still depend on you. But if you want to check nonetheless, visit this guide for the predictions for your Chinese Zodiac this year. You can also check this video (skip at 4:20) for the specific predictions per Chinese Zodiac.

You still need to do what you must do. These are only guides to help you navigate the year. So for this 2019, I wish you a lucky, prosperous, and fruitful career and life!

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