Working Remote Goes to Zambales! Equipping the Zambaleños with the Right Tools for Remote Working


In today's time, the work landscape is changing. Who would've thought that now, you can actually work anywhere you want. How, you ask? Well, thru freelancing and remote working of course. You just need your trusty laptop and a decent Internet connection and you are good to go.

You now have the option to spend your time on the things that matter the most. Got kids at home? You can work while taking care of them. A passion project you want to pursue? Your side gig can supplement income for you. Want to travel the world? You can by remote working while traveling.

The possibilities are endless! And the Working Remote and Paystaff team want you to have the option to experience this elusive lifestyle for yourself and your family.



Learn Social Media Marketing & How to Start Your Freelancing Career

With this, Working Remote just concluded a successful freelancing seminar in Zambales last June 7, 2019!

Entitled "Learn Social Media Marketing & How to Start Your Freelancing Career", working remote imparted valuable knowledge and tools to the Zambaleños freelancing community.



Unpacking the Basics of Working From Home

Not everyone knows about working from home. As most of the attendees are aspiring freelancers, it's but just to explain what is really entailed of this lifestyle. And who best to convey what the advantages of freelancing other than Jennicel Foronda.

Jennicel or Jenni for short is a veteran freelancer mom, restaurateur, yoga enthusiast, and organic farm manager who used freelancing a stepping stone to her wonderful lifestyle.

She has juggled multiple roles pretty well and the flexibility of freelancing paved the way to start other endeavors while following your passion. The passion which is sustainable organic farming and being a loving mother to her two kids.

With remote working, she has shown the audience that yes you can follow your passion. And that yes, you have a choice.



How to Do Social Media Management?

After the "what" segment, the participants were at awe at the possibilities of remote working. It's the time now to upgrade their skills to find relevant remote work. And arguably, one of the most sought after online jobs is social media management.

Not to be confused with social media marketing, social media management focuses solely on managing content like scheduling posts, creating new content, and staying in touch with the brand followers.

Eunice Punzalan imparted her expertise in Social Media management showing the basics of the craft. Eunice has been a digital marketer since 2014. She had worked with multiple companies and increased their social media presence.

She also spurred the growth of the Filipino Freelancer with Australia Clients (Currently with 10,000 members) and the Paystaff Page (now at close to 20,000 followers) to name just a few of her achievements.

Eunice definitely walks the talk. The audience learned so much about using different social media platforms and tools that are effective for it.



Learn the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

But the problem is, you can't just post random stuff in your marketing efforts. You need a proper plan to execute.

That's were Jennette Cajucom comes in. She has been a human-centered digital marketing strategist and a freelancer for over 10 years. A Manileña turned Zambaleña, Jennette aims to continue her advocacy for the Aeta community in Zambales, as well as sustainable living.

She showed the participants how to properly target your "buyer's persona" and touch base with them in a human-centric manner. Because if you know who your audience is, you probably would know what posts to publish. And social media platform you have to focus on.

Being one of the speakers and the upcoming Working Remote Conference, it's like a preview to the awe-inspiring event that working remote has to offer.




The event was a success! Everyone expressed their gratitude for bringing this essential knowledge to Zambales. And if you missed it, worry not! This is just a preview for what is just about to happen.

Working Remote Philippines 2019, the biggest remote working summit in the Philippines, will be held at Sept 13 and 14 SMX Aura Convention Center. We have invited top freelancers and speakers from here an abroad to impart their knowledge to both aspiring and veteran freelancers.

Don't miss this chance to learn from the best of the best. And who knows, this might be the start of your journey to your dream lifestyle. Hurry though. Tickets are fast selling. Secure your slots now!


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