Upwork Alternatives: Where Do You Get Freelancing Jobs as a Starting Filipino Freelancer?

Upwork Alternatives- Where Do You Get Freelancing Jobs as a Starting Filipino Freelancer_

Freelancing your way to life is tempting. The freedom to do the things you want whenever and wherever you feel like it is a dream come true. Well, at least if you have a stable Internet connection.

But the autonomy as to your time and to your location is seductive enough to give it a shot. After all, what if you can achieve location independence? There is no "or" anymore. You don't have to choose to forego what you love doing while working for a living.

For some people, that might be being the best parent they can be. Some older people might want to immerse in their chosen passion profession again. For me, it's actually traveling the world. The possibilities are endless.

But if you want to jump into the Filipino freelancing trend, how do you start? Aside from getting the skills, where do you actually get the clients who pay? Where do you get freelancing jobs as a starting Filipino Freelancer?


These are some Upwork alternatives you can check out.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to give the reader an idea as to where to start. But please do research the job posted and the company hiring first. Please exercise your due diligence to avoid getting deceived. Be guided accordingly.




If you are still in transition, you might want to find remote work structured like a job.

Remotestaff.com.ph offers such a telecommuting option.

You are tracked with an app at certain time intervals. Pretty much like a virtual supervisor. You are also given lunch and coffee breaks. It's certainly a familiar structure except you are in your home (or another country for that matter).

Gone are the days when you commute for 2 hours minimum. Now, you can just wake up 5 minutes before your schedule and work from there.

If your credentials can qualify and you have 750 kbps Internet, you can be their next subcontractor. They offer full-time (8 hours) and part-time (4 hours) stints.



Going up a notch, onlinejobs.ph can offer you freelancing options ranging from writing, design, web development, and more on a per-project basis. As long as you can work from it online, it can be found there.

What's good about this is that you're competing with just Filipinos. They also don't get a cut from your pay. But prepare. Pay is rated at PH rates for your delivered work.



Similar to onlinejobs.ph, 199Jobs.com offer jobs arranged for "buyers" and "sellers". The freelancers are "sellers" who offer their services to "buyers". They also offer exclusively Filipino talents.

If you need that occasional "raket" or sideline, chances are 199Jobs is for you.

Various Global Websites

The above options are only available for Filipinos. The tradeoff is the rates are generally lower. If you are ready to venture out on a bigger market, you can check out the following websites:

They offer higher rates because you are paid as if you're working abroad. This will bring more dough. But expect the competition to be fierce because you are pitted with the world. But I'm sure Filipino talents can compete nonetheless. We are not ranked as one of the best in the freelancing world for nothing.

I’m sure there are other websites that offer jobs remotely. But with just this website resources, you can surely find something you can start off with. So venture out! Start sending applications. You'll never know unless you try. Good luck!

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