Twenty In-Demand Freelancing Skills (And Where You Can Learn Them)

Twenty In-Demand Freelancing Skills (And Where You Can Learn Them)

A thriving freelancing career is great….if you can get it, that is.

Sure, life as a remote worker tends to be liberating and convenient, especially when compared to a more conventional workplace set-up, but getting there can be more challenging than one might expect. For starters, a typical bachelor’s degree won’t always get your foot in the door, unlike in a traditional job interview. In the world of telecommuting, having the right skill set is far more important than a diploma from a prestigious university.


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The trouble is, certain skills that are in demand today could easily be out of vogue in a couple of months, and it takes longer than that to cultivate them. Thus, picking the wrong ones to acquire could derail your career as a freelancer before it even has a chance to begin.

Fortunately, this is where the Internet comes in handy. A certain remote work hub recently released a report revealing the fastest growing skills (determined via the analysis of the year-over-year growth of freelancer billings) in the past year, and the top 20, apparently, are as follows, along with the links for online courses on each topic:



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AngularJS Development.

Amazon DynamoBB.


Voice Over.

Instagram API.

Machine Learning.

Adobe Premiere.

Augmented Reality.

Content Strategy.

Microsoft Power BI.


React Native.

Information Security.

Art Direction.

Chatbot Development.

Scala Development.

Go Development.

Computer Vision.

Breaking into the freelance industry can be pretty tricky, especially since it often requires learning quite a few things from scratch.


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The silver lining in all this, however, is that the clamor for unconventional learning credentials potentially levels the playing field. Much of the online seminars and courses mentioned above are being offered free of charge or at a big discount, so if you can’t afford an expensive college education but are hardworking and willing to take on additional skills, remote work can enable you to carve out a fulfilling and secure career despite such a handicap.


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