Top 5 Time Tracking Apps to Help You Easily Manage Your Remote Working Teams

Remote Businesses are on the rise. According to a Future Workforce Report by Upwork last 2018, it is expected that almost a third of full-time employees will work remotely in the next ten years.

And this is not just a fad. Setting up a business with purely remote operations surely brings considerable benefits.

You don't have as much overhead compared to renting an office. You have access to global talents. And the flexible setup with your employees and freelancers brings them high job satisfaction and work-life balance.


But Are They Really Working?

But there is one fundamental problem with this is, how do you know if they are really working for tasks? Are they writing that article? Or just watching Youtube the whole billable hours?

Before you go crazy with mistrust and paranoia, technology has an answer. Time Tracking Apps! You now have a virtual program to supervise your employees for you!

Here are the top 5 Time tracking apps to help you easily manage your remote working teams.



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Time Camp

Time Camp is a software that can track the billable work hours, employee productivity project status, summarize payroll, and send invoices all-in-one app.

You can also integrate it with other apps like Asana and Zendesk. This is a demo of their interface:


Check this link for the pricing.



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Toggl is a project management software that tracks the employees time by project and tasks under that project. It starts with a timer that you can start and stop while you switch from one task to another.

Once done, you can export an invoice for your client in the app itself. A detailed summary of the time spent can also be attached in PDF or Excel format for their consumption.

The app is good for companies to estimate the timelines, budgets, and to assign tasks to their remote workers. Check this video for a sample of their app:


Check out this link for their pricing.



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Time Doctor

Time Doctor is another popular tracking tool. It's designed to get a detailed account of your remote workers' productivity by automatic screenshots of what they are doing, and the amount of time they spend on a certain app or website.

It's also a project management tool to track the completion of your projects.

It automatically computes the salary and you can also integrate it with payment methods in the software itself for sending the money to them. Check out this video for a sample:


Check out this link for their pricing.



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Hubstaff is also a time tracking tool which takes detailed data about your remote worker's productivity with screenshots and time stamps.

But what sets them apart is the GPS feature. You can track your remote worker's hours wherever and whenever they are, even those with frequent of the office meetings for clients. Check out this video for an overview of what it can do:


Check out their pricing here.



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Rescue Time

Last but not least, Rescue Time. It is a time tracking tool that also tracks how much your remote workers spend their time on certain websites and apps. But the nifty thing is, they also calculate your degree productivity within that day.

On the same note, it also tracks project management goals for maximum efficiency. Just check how regarded is as one of the best time tracking tools out there. watch the video below:


Check their pricing in this link.



For what it's worth, you don't have to police your freelancers and remote workers to productivity. You can just use these apps and let them shine in their own pace.  


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