Top 10 Influential Freelancers You Should Follow This 2019


If you want success, how better else to achieve it than modeling successful people? But who to model, you ask? Here are top 10 Filipino freelancers to follow in 2019.


paystaff_top10_MK Bertulfo

MK Bertulfo

MK Bertulfo is the founder of FHMoms (Filipina Homebased Moms). The first and biggest parenting and freelancing group for Filipina Moms. If you're a Filipina Mom who wants to make a living while parenting your kids AT HOME, MK is the one to follow.


paystaff_top_Nix Eniego

Nix Eniego

Nix Eniego started online marketing as early as 16! Right now, he is a highly regarded expert in the field of Digital Marketing. He founded the "Social Media Academy" to help more people pursue that path as well.

A mentor to 1000+. With all his teachings online, following him is like being mentored in the comforts of your home as well.


paystaff_top10_Melissa Profeta

Mel Profeta

Also a co-founder of the "Social Media Academy", Mel Profeta is an expert in creating organic and results-driven social media marketing campaigns and community management. She has led multiple PR campaigns that are perfectly tailored to convert to clients.

A contributor to multiple influential sites (Hello Buzzfeed!).  Follow her to learn more about Social Media and Community Management. And how this Single Mom is rocking the online marketing world.


paystaff_top10_Virginia Bautista

Virginia Bautista

LinkedIn is the social media platform for premium business leads. And if you want to learn how to capitalize it, better follow Virginia Bautista.

At present, she is a LinkedIn expert who does profile optimization, content strategy development, and more. Follow her on LinkedIn for up to date tips and tricks to fully utilize your LinkedIn profile.


paystaff_top10_Julian CAnita

Julian Canita

Facebook is still the social media of choice for marketing your business. If you want to maximize your facebook pages, Julian Canita is the FB ads expert for you. With nearly 100 clients and over 500 students he has personally helped and mentored, following his lessons regarding FB ads is certainly a worthwhile time investment.


paystaff_top10_Jane Martinito

Jane Martinito

In this age, you need online presence for your freelancing career. And a website is a must for your marketing and personal branding efforts! If you want a website that converts, better check out Jane Martinito. See her top tools and hacks to improve your business websites further.


paystaff_top_Cj Cajoles

CJ Cajoles

Are you working a corporate job right now? If you want to transition from your 8-to-5 to the freelancing world, better check CJ Cajoles NOW!

She is the founder of the OFF (Online Filipino Freelancer) Community with over 136,000 members to date! Gain insights with the current freelancing trends and achieve the work-life balance you are longing for.


paystaff_top10_Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

And speaking of transition, almost everyone wants to have time freedom in their hands. By working online, most have the option to choose work when they want and where they want to.
How, you ask?

Jason Dulay, the founder of VA Bootcamp and Work From Home Roadmap, might be your man for the transition. Follow his course "How You Can Work From Home" for a sneak peek of what might be your life in the long run.


paystaff_top10_Holly Ocaya

Holly Ocaya

Want more? Also a co-founder "Work From Home Roadmap", Holly Ocaya is a freelancer writer you would want to follow.

She is a college dropout that had to step-up as a breadwinner because of the needs of her family. She found her way as a freelancer after becoming a flight attendant for 5 years.

Right now, she is a successful freelancer earning way more than her flight attendant stint. A testament that a non-ideal background is not a hindrance to success as long as you strive to be the very best version of yourself.


paystaff_top10_Shela Heramis

Shela Heramis

Do you want to just geek out and work from home? Then follow Shela Heramis to learn from her FB page "Work at Home Geek".

What started as a clamor for other jobs because of health reasons became her bread and butter. Now, she is leading this pact of fellow home geeks to achieve work-life balance.

Did we forget anyone on the list? Who are you following? Comment down below so that we can model these successful people for a great 2019 ahead!

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