These Online Tools Can Help You With Business Writing

These Online Tools Can Help You With Business Writing

I used to think that writing was my dream job.

Okay, I still do, but what I do now is certainly quite different from what my 15 year-old self envisioned. Back then, awash in J.K. Rowling’s fantastical world, I imagined that being a writer by profession meant spending days holed up with little more than a laptop and a cup of good, strong tea, bringing forth the next bestseller with each tap on the keys.


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These days, I do hole up with a mug of good English breakfast tea (with a splash of milk and one lump of sugar, please) each time I log in to write the day’s article. That’s pretty much where all the similarities end, however. Apart from my bank account being light years away from Queen J.K.’s, my job as a writer has almost nothing to do with creative writing.

Instead, I’m tasked with business writing, which is a whole different animal altogether. Writing fiction gives you the carte blanche to make up your own settings, your own plots, your own characters, and even your own language, but business writing requires verified facts, a more formal tone, and a more defined structure.

Here, the goal is not really to entertain and not even so much to share your ideas and thoughts (unless you happen to be a business guru yourself), but to inform your readers and to provide them with valuable insight into serious topics like the process of acquiring import permits, hiring an entirely remote workforce, or choosing the right side hustle.


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It doesn’t exactly leave a lot of room for artistic license. But business writing doesn’t have to be too intimidating either. Furthermore, there are quite a few tools available online that you could use to make things easier:


When you’re done with the day’s writing, the last thing you want to do is to proofread or edit your work. The latter is simply quite tedious and time-consuming.

This is why the team behind Allcorrect offers reliable, high-quality, and affordable services that can save you a great deal of time and effort. They can also tailor your package according to your specific needs, whether it’s just proofreading for spelling or grammatical mistakes or full-blown editing work to ensure that the articles bearing your name are damn near flawless by the time they get published.

2. Stoodle

Whether you’re a beginner in freelance business writing or a seasoned veteran, everyone can benefit from continuous learning.

Stoodle is basically a platform that allows business writers from all over the world to share ideas, information, and resources pertaining to the craft. Features like image uploading and permanent classroom storage, among other things, make productive collaboration among peers and mentors easy and efficient.


What most people don’t know is that writing can be quite an involved process. What makes this website useful is that it avails you the free version of Scrivener, an app that streamlines procedures like writing outlines, storyboarding, and editing to keep you organized and on top of things.



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Business writing doesn’t just apply to informative articles; it can also pertain to drafting an actual business plan.

This where Wridea comes in. The website gives you access to various brainstorming tools, which you can use to explore your ideas further and perhaps even share them with friends or colleagues who are also using the platform.

5. ProWritingAid

This website is practically the mother of all online business writing tools. Not only does it feature the standard grammar and spelling scan, but it also looks out for overused words and clichés. They even have tools that check for plagiarism and evaluate overall readability, thus ensuring your consistent delivery of quality work, regardless of the topic.

6. Dragon Dictation

Have you ever had a bright idea just as you were standing in line at the grocery checkout counter or rushing into the next train?

As its name suggests, Dragon Dictation eliminates the need for typing. All you need to do is to speak into your smartphone and instantly see your text content appear before you.

As a bonus, the application also allows you to send out business messages, important emails, or even some personal notes on the fly, thus helping you draft updates, blog posts, or email content even when you’re out and on the go.

When all is said and done, business writing and creative writing are the same in one respect: they’re both a whole lot easier when you’re feeling particularly inspired. So, for those days when you find yourself wringing your brain to come up with something halfway decent, don’t be ashamed to resort to any of the tools listed above.


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