The Joy of Missing Out: 6 Ways to blissfully JOMO the FOMO in your life


In the present time, we have been plagued by this itching feeling of missing something out. FOMO or fear of missing out as how we know it. It's the fear or the envy we succumb ourselves in when we see other people do what they do.

It's the moment when you suddenly purchased a certain item because "everyone has it" or enrolled in a fitness class because "it is the hippest exercise program right now". You fear that you are losing something just by not having or experiencing it. And this is not healthy for both your wallet and mental state.


The Perfect Social Media World

The ubiquity of social media made it even worse. It's hard to stop comparing our banal days to our friends' "perfect lives." And in real time at that. I begin to wonder, what the h*ck am I doing in my life? This plants doubts in your mind that can lead to loneliness and depression if left unchecked.

These toxic thoughts have to stop. One cure? JOMO or the Joy of Missing Out! If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this video to give you an idea about it:



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The Joy of Missing Out

JOMO or the "Joy of Missing Out" is the better cousin of FOMO. It's experiencing that yes, you can live life slowly. But still, you can appreciate your present self now, with or without these things or status.

I'm not saying you don't strive for better things. I'm just saying you don't need to hate and envy other people just because they have something you want. Moreso, you don't need to hate yourself for it.

Striving with FOMO is toxic. Striving with JOMO is bliss. You happily acknowledge your state now while aiming for something better. If you want to know more, these are 6 ways to practice JOMO in your life.



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Let Go Of The "Right Standards"

The world has imposed standards that may not be attainable for most. I mean there is nothing wrong to target them. And it's okay to set them at first when you are still finding what you want.

But if for the longest time, you're just targeting it just because, you are setting yourself up for dangers of FOMO. FOMO is reactive. You are aiming for it because this "golden list" says you need to have it by X age.

I tell you. You have to let go of these assumingly "right standards" and create significant standards of your own. Goals that are attainable for you. Goals that genuinely make you want to work day-in and day-out.

Shut down the noise around you and focus on what truly resonates inside. Your personal progress is better than the mumblings of those “successful outsiders.”



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Intentionally Schedule Your Life

Know your priorities. Most of the time, we get FOMO because we actually don't know what we want. Find the most important things for you. And schedule them in your day.

Schedule your passion projects. Schedule your meetings with friends and family. H*ck, schedule your rest periods. If you know exactly what you'll be doing for the next days (or even the next hours), how can FOMO squeeze in?

No matter how simple it may look, you already have a calendar fully booked with meaningful things in your life. And this is what matters.



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You Can Say No

You might be a YES man or woman. Remember, there is this wonderful word called "No." And you know what, you can actually say NO. Say no to the things you don't like to do.

You don't want to go to a party just because you don't want to? Say No. Buying this latest phone you don't really like? Say No.

You don't want to join an escapade because you just want to enjoy your alone time? JUST SAY NO! You don't need to explain yourself. Say Yes to things that are important TO YOU and no to those that aren't.



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Spend Time With Yourself in Solitude

There is this common notion that you are lonely when you are alone. Solitude doesn't mean loneliness. The difference is that you chose to be alone. And this doesn't have to be a solitary walk in the woods or a mountain. It can be alone time in traffic or in your room. Or actually anywhere.

In solitude, you can get to know yourself more. You can increase your creativity. You can have more self-awareness. For my alone time, I write down my plans in a notebook so that I can get to see the bigger picture of what I want to happen.

You can also meditate and let your mind wander around ideas. This is not by any chance a magical mantra to pinpoint what you are destined to be. But if you practice this, you can at least be more productive and intentional with your actions thereafter.

FOMO will not brace you.



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Purge FOMO Social Media Accounts

We are only human. Sometimes, we can't help feel bad when we see other people living the life we wanted. I don't know if it's human nature to envy. But if you really can't stop feeling FOMO from their posts, the solution is simple. UNFOLLOW THEM.

Your social media account is like a customized magazine. It's a collection of everything under the sun that YOU LIKE TO SEE. So why are you agonizing on the ones you don't? You have the right to unfollow people for your mental health.



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The Most Important One: Permission To Be Where You Are Now

I know it's hard to be contented in this materialistic and hierarchical world. But you actually can. You just need to give yourself permission to focus on where you are right now. Forgive and love yourself despite the status or possessions you are "lacking."

Because at the end of the day, are you really "lacking"? I don't think so. With that, let's all indulge in the JOMO in our lives. Have fun!


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