JobStreet Now Offers Freelancing and Work From Home Jobs on Their Website


The Filipino freelancing movement is definitely growing. Based on recent studies, we are currently No. 3 in the world in terms of online freelancing. And it's not surprising.

Demographically, we are equipped to handle foreign clients because of our inherent English prowess. And the clamor for higher income and lack of opportunities bridged the ever-adaptable Filipino citizens to look for extra income elsewhere.

Right now, high caliber individuals (even those with a Masters Degree up) are open for freelancing more than ever. And have I mentioned the worsening traffic? For most people, (including me!) the 3-4 hour commute per day will definitely make the location an important factor in finding work. 

That 3-4 hours can be translated to other productive things like Family time or a side business. 

The government is even acknowledging the rise of this workforce. The Telecommuting Act is on its way to protect the rights of our fellow freelancers. No wonder, it's an all-time high for freelancing.

Jobstreet Listings for Freelancers

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Jobstreet Listings for Freelancers

And with this demand, companies are now adjusting with the trends. Jobstreet now offers freelancing listings on their website. If you are not familiar, watch this video:


The salaries range from 15,000 PHP above. Pretty similar to normal office work. But with the savings in money, effort, and presumably lesser stress, the remote work setup appeals not only to fresh grads but also to parents.

Some can even go traveling now while working! 


Use Keywords: How to Check the Listings

I've tried perusing the available jobs page. But I can't really find a specific "page" for the freelancing jobs.

What you can do is use keywords relevant to freelancing work from home jobs. For example:

  • freelance jobs

  • freelance writer

  • home-based jobs

  • work from home

Remote working is here to stay. With the openness of the public and the movement of the government to protect our rights, a freelancing world might be the utopian future we are destined for.


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