Is Quality More Important than Quantity in Digital Marketing?

Is Quality More Important than Quantity in Digital Marketing_

Digital marketing is the thrust of the future. Gone are the days where we rely on print and billboards to acquire customers. We now utilize the endless reach of the web for better interaction and sales.

In fact, we all know that investing in great digital marketing whether it's blog posts, social media promotions, or online leads, will bring us more value than traditional means. It may be for to upgrade your personal branding or your businessAnd it's even comparably cheaper. How cool is that?

But as a marketing newbie myself, I come to question: what do you follow? Do you put out more content for more chances for people to click? Or do you focus on quality for them to enjoy (but lesser quantity)?

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So is quality more important than quantity in digital marketing? Let's find out.


Is Flooding Content Effective for Your Target Audience_

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Is Flooding Content Effective for Your Target Audience?

To answer this, we must go back to the root of why you market. Obviously, we market to gather page views or leads to hopefully convert them to subscribe to our newsletter, to buy our product, or to insert-what-you-want-them-to-do-here.

The bottom line is, we want conversion. We want THE RESULTS from the effort we put in.

And if you flood content will you achieve it? It will depend on your target audience. I for one don't like to be bombarded with multiple notifications of posts. My irritability with your frequency will definitely turn me off. One customer is gone.

But if you're a Forex information provider, multiple posts might be excusable especially when you are providing possible trade signals within the day. So know your target market because it will depend on them.


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Quality versus Quantity

But generally, with so much information out there, people would definitely click the link that will provide the best solution.

What's the use of so much content when people are not reading it? Or the people who do don't really get converted to sales or new subscribers? You don't want to releases punches that don't hurt.

Your punches should knock them out. Therefore, quality content will give the most value.


Quality versus Quantity

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But You Still Need to Be Consistent

But the problem is, quality content takes time to make. It takes time to research the information. Quality images are harder to conceptualize and to produce.

But this is not an excuse to post quality content on a whenever-I-feel-like-it basis. We have to strike a balance. The frequency can be lesser but you still have to be consistent in posting. Some companies can bombard their viewers with 1,000+ articles per day. You don't need to do this. Set an editorial calendar and post articles on a recurring schedule you can commit to.

For example, you can produce 2 to 4 quality content a week. When you build your following, you can get away with lesser content because they know that the content you put out will be worth more than 5 articles combined.

So I end, quality with the right quantity is important in digital marketing. With that, let's strengthen our brand by providing more quality content for the world. Good luck with your marketing endeavors!


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