Instagram Basics: How to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes?

Instagram Basics: How to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes? - Paystaff

As an entrepreneur or an aspiring remote worker, you need to market your services to your target customers. I mean where will you get your income?

It may take time before people know your product or your personal brand. But ultimately, you need to let people know you exist. And today's social media platforms can connect you not only to your place of business but to the world!

And for today, we will talk about the hippest platform out there. Boasting over 800 million users as of date, Instagram might be your gateway to a flourishing business.

Instagram is Not Only for the Conceited and Fame-Hungry

If you don't know already, Instagram is a platform that allows you to share your photos and videos to your "followers". The trend revolves around posting noteworthy pictures of places, food, experiences, or yourselves to connect with people.

The difference with Facebook is that you can zoom in to see the feed of only the people you like as you want to know more about them.

I know. You despise the pretentious and conceited "Influencers" in Instagram. But before you dismiss this platform, know that if you build your Instagram account well it is beneficial for your business.

Later on, you can influence your followers to purchase a product or a service with a single photo. Therefore, upping you Instagram game might be essential in marketing for the future of your brand. With that, this is how to get more Instagram followers and likes!

Know your Target Market

Paystaff: Know your Target Market

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Unless you are a food blogger or a celebrity, no one will care about the food you ate. When you decide to market, you must know who you are targeting. Instagram is very addicting but to be opium to your followers, you need to give what they want. You need to provide a central theme in your feed.

If you are promoting a travel blog, your feed should be related to travel. If for fitness, gym and exercise tips. If you're a graphic designer or photographer, it can be your portfolio. The point is, your post should be relevant to your market.

Be Authentic

Paystaff: Instagram basics

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There is nothing more deadly than cheating your way to success. You may benefit and build from it now, but that instant spike in followers and likes might get to be your downfall in the future.

Walls have ears. People and companies are now savvy in checking who is authentic or not. Websites such as can check your follower history. And nuances in the chart (like sudden spikes) will show if you bought some fake followers. Instagram also made changes in their algorithms to purge fake accounts. If your chart is erratic like a Richter scale, it will inculcate unnecessary questions from your would-be sponsor and your real followers.

So if it is so easy to know who cheated, why bother to do it? Buying your followers and likes is not the way to go.

And another thing, no one likes a fake person. Portray yourself or your work with the utmost integrity because people will know. Such is the case with the recent plagiarism scandal of an esteemed Singaporean Photographer.

He was exposed to have allegedly used stock photos for his Instagram Photos. The backlash was harsh. And hopefully, this is not the end of his career.

You don't want to be the next milkshake duck. Do not literally fake it until you make it. Again I stress, be authentic!

Post Consistently

Paystaff: Post Consistently

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And it doesn't stop with just posting one nice photo. As with everything, if you want to build your online presence, you have to post consistently.

Posting at least once a day will slowly build your influence over time. Give them something to expect. It will let your followers know that you have more to offer to their fleeting attention span.

Strategize on your Hashtags

Paystaff: Strategize on your Hashtags

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Another thing is to choose your "hashtags" strategically. Hashtags are words preceded by a hash or pound sign (#). When included, your post will be tagged with other photos under the hashtag.

For example, if you click #remoteworker, it will show all the pictures tagged with the hashtag. People who are perusing for similar pictures under the hashtag will ultimately find the best ones in it. In return, if they find that your photo is worthy of their time, it can ultimately lead to a follow.

Make sure to use hashtags relevant to the post. I know that you feel #ecstatic and #loved in your composition, but if it photo doesn't even show any ounce of the hashtag topic, you will just be ignored.

Also, avoid hashtags were your photo cannot stand out. For example, #Cheese has 17 million photos tagged in it. What are the chances that people will notice you?

If you can't compete with the pictures posted, better choose another hashtag (unless of course, you have enough followers to wing it). Choose a hashtag where you can stand out and ideally those with roughly 5,000 - 500,000 posts on it.

Tag a Feature Account

Paystaff: Tag a Feature Account

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Instagram has clusters of networks connecting you to thousands and thousands of people. And there's a special account that might boost your numbers when you get to interact with them. And that's a feature account ladies and gentlemen.

A feature account basically is an account that features the best content tagged to them. So it's like a curator with thousands of followers. They don't usually create posts themselves. But they feature the ones they deemed to be worthy of their followers' attention.

If you get featured, it will surely boost your follower count. They are important because it opens the door to a wider audience.

Engage With Your Followers

Paystaff: Engage With Your Followers

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Lastly, engage with your followers. Social media is all about connecting with people. Take time to involve them in your social media life and reply to their comments as much as you can.


Feel free to also like and comment on profiles relevant to you. You want a community that grows. Maybe, you can find your core supporters here. Or at best, new genuine friends that will help you along the way or just plainly have fun with.

With that, let's step up our Instagram game. Good luck!

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