Iloilo Freelancing Seminar: Finding Your Marketable Freelancing Skill in Social Media Management and Content Writing

Iloilo Freelancing Seminar: PaystaffFreelancing has brought about a lot of options for Filipino families. Right now, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere. And this option can bring the lifestyle one has sought after.

More time for your family? Check! Allot ample hours for your passion projects? Check! Travel the world while remote working? One big check!


Iloilo Freelancing Seminar: Paystaff Accessible for Everyone

The Opportunity is Accessible for Everyone

The good news is, this dream lifestyle is accessible more than ever. You just need to start remote working so that you can have that option for the freedom you've always wanted.

But the question is, how? There is not really a specific answer to this. One thing is for certain though, you do need to FIND a marketable freelancing skill. It can range from graphic design, virtual assistance, or as far as SEO optimization.

So many opportunities are present out there. Although, opportunities won't just land on your lap. You need to actively find them. One way is by attending seminars that will give you the possible freelancing skill.


Iloilo Freelancing Seminar: Paystaff Upskilling Iloilo

Upskilling Iloilo's Freelancing Community

And that's one of the advocacies of Paystaff. To equip the Filipino people with freelancing skills to reach their dream lifestyle goals.

With the recently concluded seminar in Iloilo entitled: "Finding Your Marketable Freelancing Skill in Social Media Management and Content Writing". Paystaff did just that.

It was held in the Thinking Box Study Hub last May 17 with participants mostly aspiring freelancers. Two of Paystaff's speakers namely Miko Eclipse and Eunice Punzalan, graced the even with their knowledge about Content Writing and Social Media Management.


Iloilo Freelancing Seminar: Paystaff Content Writing

Content Writing 101

Miko has talked about the basics of content writing for your clients. He is a Digital nomad who travels the world while working. And has used content writing as his bread and butter to sustain his lifestyle.

In his presentation, Miko imparted that the key to content writing is knowing your buyer's persona. Talking to them in a dialogue form even if it means breaking some of the grammar rules.


Iloilo Freelancing Seminar: Paystaff Social Media Management


Social Media Management 101

Content is King. But it's not enough though to just create content. You need to have a constant effort to market it.

With that, Eunice followed up with the importance of social media management. Included in Social Media marketing, social media management involves handling content postings thru schedules postings and creating new content.

The participants learned the basic how-tos of Facebook ads management and quite a lot of free tools to deliver quality posts to your target audience


Iloilo Freelancing Seminar: Paystaff Mug


The event was a success! The venue was jam-packed with people coming from as far as Bacolod just to learn for their freelancing careers. You should’ve been there!

But don't worry! You still have a chance! Working Remote Summit: The biggest remote working summit is happening this upcoming September 13 and 14.

Learn from the best of the best in the freelancing industry from here and abroad. Who knows? This might be your gateway to the life you always wanted.

Tickets are very limited. Secure yours now!


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