How to Write an Email Cover Letter that Will Land You the Job?

Paystaff - How to Write an Email Cover Letter

You did your due diligence.

You finally found client leads that can land you some freelancing cash.

You send your resume only to not get any reply after. It might be that they found another person or they just didn't find you unworthy for the position? We will never know. But what we can do is up your game.


Did You Attach a Cover Letter?

Remember the email that you sent? Did you attach a cover letter with it? If you're like many, they might have just foregone this step. An email cover letter might be the missing piece. If you don't know what it is, check out this simple video to give you an idea:


According to a Career Builder study, 49% of HR managers expect a cover letter and is the second best thing to improve your application only next to improving the resume itself.

So if the company doesn't explicitly say to not send one, you should always attach a cover letter when you email your resume. And these are tips to make one.


Paystaff - Write With the Client in Mind

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Write With the Client in Mind

Ever heard, "Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care." This should be your mantra. People will not care about your cover letter if you can't answer this question: "what's in it for them?"


Paystaff - how to write an email cover letter Know their Name

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Know their Name

It's a no-no to send out an obvious template email to your possible client.

"Dear Mister or Madame" or "To whom it may concern".  Don't start with a generic opening like this.

Know who you are talking too and address them accordingly.  If you find the job through an ad, most likely the name will be present. If it's thru an agency, you can ask them who to address when sending the application.


Paystaff - how to write an email cover letter Tailor Fit Your Content

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Tailor Fit Your Content and Make It as Specific for Them as Possible

You should start the first paragraph with the reason why they should hire you. I'm not saying you should flaunt all your credentials. Tailor fit it to what they need.

For Example:

Hi Ms. Karen,

I am applying for the position of virtual assistant for your company.

I believe I can be of great help because of my extensive VA experience that resulted in the effective organization and task management of my boss' business. With the freed up time, the company grew double digits just this past year.

Remember, you don't need to make it lengthy. Just 1-2 sentence in the first paragraph would do. As long as you noted a result that they want to achieve, they would be more keen to read more of your application.

Second and Third Paragraph - Sell Yourself.

Why Are You Fit for the company? Why is The Company Fit For You?

This is the time where you elaborate on your achievements. Again, only highlight those that are relevant to the opportunity. As for the example above, include a paragraph explaining your experiences that make you a perfect fit for the company.

Why is the Company Perfect for You?

Afterward, explain why the company is a perfect fit for you. You can express your enthusiasm with working on the project or how it can help you further your career.

No one wants to hire someone who just arbitrarily applied. Saying how it would help you can show your drive to work for the company you're applying for. It will show why you will stay in the company.


Paystaff - how to write an email cover letter End with a Call-to-Action

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End with a Call-to-Action

As the famous adage says, always be closing. At the end of your cover letter, make sure to include a call-to-action. Reiterate by showing the benefits they will get by hiring you.

Here is a sample template you can use for your next application.


Sample Template:

Hi [Name],

I am applying for the position of [Position Applying For].

I believe I can be of great help because of [insert relevant experiences] that resulted in [positive results related to the application].

[Why You Are Fit For the Company]

[Why the Company is Fit For You]

I would be open to a discussion on how I plan to [plan or benefits you can offer them]. Feel free to email me back to schedule a Skype interview. Hope to hear from you soon!


With that, I hope you get those clients you always wanted too. You can check out the Facebook Group: Filipino Freelancer with Australian Clients to test your newfound skill.

Don't forget to also visit Paystaff for your payment solutions provider when you close those Aussie clients!

Good luck on your journey!


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