How to Write a Compelling Call to Action You Can’t Help But Click

How to Write a Compelling Call to Action?

It's a digital world. Everyone is connected to the Internet. People socialize in this media. 'Meet up' in chat groups. Get entertained by blog posts or cute cat videos. When we want to buy something, it's just a click away. As a marketer or content creator, how do you take advantage of this ubiquity?

If you're just starting to harness its powers, marketing on the Internet needs a compelling proposition in a glance. You are not physically there to adjust your sales pitch based on the circumstances. Your words alone should enthrall them to do what you want. This is where a brilliant call to action comes to play.

Call to Action??

To simply put, a call to action (CTA) are words, phrases, or a sentence that elicits the readers to take a certain action. Such actions can be:

  • Signing up for your Newsletter

  • Reading more Articles

  • Buy Items

  • Plant More Trees

  • Stop Using Straws

  • Fight Against Fake News

  • And the list goes on...

But as an Internet Noobie myself, I can't help but wonder, how do you create an effective Call to Action? What do you say? Is this like a poem with a limited number of words? After scouring the net, this is what I found out.

Identify the Desires of Your Target Market and Touch Their Emotions

Identify the Desires of Your Target Market and Touch Their Emotions

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This is just basic marketing. You have to know where your customer is coming from. Determine their desires and craft words that speak directly to them.

So we should frame our words accordingly. If you have a travel blog, instead of saying plainly, "Subscribe to our newsletter", why not say, "Planning for you Next Adventure? Don't Miss Our Weekly Entries for Useful Insider Tips! Subscribe to Our Newsletter Today!"

The enthusiasm and the play on words might convert some to actually subscribe!

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

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Speaking of emotion, there are two emotions that you can take advantage of: the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and Hope.

How many times have you felt FOMO in your life? Remember the time you went to that expensive concert because everyone likes it. Or purchasing that gadget because of a super sale. Yes, we've all been there. This emotion is so powerful; I bet no one in his/her lifetime has been spared from it.

Why not incorporate this emotion in our CTA spiels? It plays on our carnal desires to get exclusivity. The greed of getting the better prices and compared to others. The fear of passing up the opportunity that might possibly change your lives.

So if possible, put deadlines in your CTA. Like "Limited time offer: 50% off your first purchase. Only until Monday." It will encourage some readers to think less and buy now. The point is, your spiel should show the urgency of buying now as the best option.


Next is tackling hope. You can use your product or service as an answer to their hopeless situation. Identify the grave problem they have and you are the solution for it.

"Is your data secured? Hackers are getting sophisticated by the minute. Antivirus X has been proven to safeguard your data online and offline. Get protected with our free trial today."

This is just an example. The bottom line is, you have to paint the problem and be the hope they are looking for.

Add Credibility to Your Copy and Mitigate their Risks

Add Credibility to Your Copy and Mitigate their Risks

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People find reviews and opinions on products before they decide to buy it. If you have certain awards or affiliations, it's best to include such wording in your CTA. But just make sure it is true.

Words like "With more than 100,000 happy customers," a Testimonial from an influential person, or a "Best Selling" tagline with it.  Show that they have nothing to be afraid off because it’s risk-free. Like “Free Trials” or “Money Back Guarantees”.

It will show some credibility and safety. The customer might actually buy.

Don't be Afraid to Get Creative

Don't be Afraid to Get Creative

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It's all about trial and error. There are no hard and fast rules in creating the best CTA in the world. As a matter of fact, the trends are changing. So don't be afraid to experiment well. You'll never know if your idea will actually work unless you try it.

Think outside the box. Monitor your progress and again adjust accordingly. With that, I hope you get successful in your endeavors. Good luck!

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