How to Increase Your LinkedIn Followers for your Brand?

How to Increase Your LinkedIn Followers for your Brand

A few days ago, we talked about how to create your stunning and effective LinkedIn profile. Now that you are done with it, it's time to connect and promote your personal or business brand.

But where do you start? You can start with this informative video: 



What are the steps to actually do this? Worry not. Here are tips to increase your LinkedIn Followers for your brand.


Articles, Videos, Infographics: Share Useful Content

People will follow you if you give value to them. And in LinkedIn, the way you can give value is to share useful content. It's the era of you have to give value before you can receive it.

If you or your company is in the field of marketing, why not share some tips with regard to it? You can also share videos and infographics for more impact.

If people find that your content is helping them, the chances of them following you will shoot up.


Ask Your Employees to Optimize Their Profiles as Well

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Ask Your Employees to Optimize Their Profiles as Well

If you own a company, it's not enough that you are the only we who looks good online. You have to make it consistent with your employees as much as possible.

With your leaders, ask them to furnish a high-quality profile and add yourselves in the network. By default, you not only add more followers for yourself but also project an elite team to the public.


Simply Ask- Clients, Friends, and Your Alumni Network

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Simply Ask: Clients, Friends, and Your Alumni Network

Sometimes, all it takes is just to simply ask. We are shy that we may be branded as attention seekers or what-not. But I tell you, it's all in your head.

Why not ask your friends? I mean, if you are really friends, what's there to lose for asking support? Why not ask your clients to follow you? You can tell them that it may be an avenue for future product releases or updates.

Let's go up a notch and ask your alumni network. You have an affinity with each other. They may not be keen to follow your company profile, but the network they have might be useful given the right spiel or information.

Don't be afraid. Just ask.


Be Active in LinkedIn Groups. Heck! You Can Even Start Your Own One

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Be Active in LinkedIn Groups. Heck! You Can Even Start Your Own One

It's hard to find new people after you've exhausted your own network. To expand reach, try joining LinkedIn Groups, which are relevant to your craft.

If there are current discussions, why not mingle and help your fellow member find the answer? Slowly building your presence in the group might build your authority with certain topics.

Also, why not start a discussion yourself? Or even further, why not create your own group? This will produce leads for more followers. Again, you have helped other people with your ideas, and your influence made them follow you.

It's as organic as it gets.


Include Your LinkedIn Account on Your Website and Business Cards

Not only can you promote yourself inside the LinkedIn website, but also add some links to it from the outside.

When you meet other people like in conventions or just in normal circumstances, putting your LinkedIn URL (I hope you customized it) in your business cards allows them to also visit your professional online profile.

If you had a good conversation with each other, a follow is almost inevitable. Or at the very least, you can touch base again inside the platform and reconnect by following each other out.

Additionally, you can also add links on your website directing to your LinkedIn profile. It might be a long shot. But if you have influenced other people to that website, they might be inclined to follow you in the LinkedIn platform as well.

Ultimately, LinkedIn is a powerful tool to connect with people in your chosen profession or industry.

These may be very specific tips. But nothing beats just plainly helping people out and being the best person that you can be so that you can gain more followers in the long run. Good luck on your journey!


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