How to Create Effective Engagement in a Virtual Workplace for Your Remote Working Team

How to Create Effective Engagement in a Virtual Workplace for Your Remote Working Team

As a budding business owner, it's logical to preserve your capital. You don't have all the money in the world. You want your startup to survive until it reached its highest potential.

And having a remote working team can help with you just that. You don't have to rent office space. No utility bills. No significant overhead. And you might even get more productivity with every person. The virtual workplace is a cost savior for your soon-to-be thriving business.

But then, the greatest peril of remote working is isolation. Behind their username is a real person with emotional and social needs.

Yes, you can gain productivity now. But in the future? Only if you have a dynamic and heavily engaged remote team. This is the only way to sustain the growth you are looking for.

It's hard enough to do with traditional employment, how much more in the virtual workplace? Worry not. It's very much doable. Here is how to create effective engagement in a virtual workplace.

It All Starts With the Hiring and Onboarding Process

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It All Starts With the Hiring and Onboarding Process

Remote work is not really for everyone. It requires a certain level of discipline. If your current employee can't keep up with deadlines or you have to micromanage them to be productive, they are not suited for work from home.

If you are hiring someone, get his or her sense of independence. Do they need to be closely supervised? What does their prior clients or employers say about these qualities? What do their experiences say to you?

And on the onboarding process, better layout the things you require of them and when are they expected to be contacted. If you flawlessly set up this groundwork, it's an early foundation of trust for a harmonious work setup in the coming days.

Intentional Management- Make Sure Everyone Feels Part of the Team

Intentional Management: Make Sure Everyone Feels Part of the Team

As a CEO, you also have a management role, especially if you are still at your early stages. You're like the conductor of an orchestra. It's your job to direct the people properly to the role they have to play. And the best way to manage is to let them like what they're doing.

Most probably, your employees will enjoy their output if their ideas are heard. If they feel responsibly included in the success of the project. So make sure to be approachable for suggestions and make them feel they are part of the team.

Keep It Small

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Keep It Small

Ever heard of too many cooks spoil the broth? It's the same with meetings and teams. Yes, you want everyone to be heard. But if you have a team of twenty, a lot of people may have varying ideas and opinions. You will never get things done.

It's best to keep it small. Pair up your freelancers into teams. It also allows easier communications, intimacy, and trust. Find the right blend of partners and this blend can whip you up to the next level.

Utilize Technology but Humanize Communications

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Utilize Technology but Humanize Communications

To ease your supervising efforts, you have to use technology like time trackers, messaging tools, and email. These digital gizmos (even the free ones) will work wonders if utilized properly

But the problem with relying on technology is sometimes, we sound like the robots ourselves. Ever check your email and read a monotonous missive probably following an extremely rigid template? Is the sender you?!

Although effective, how do you feel when you read it? Is it very human? I don't think so.

You can still rely on this. But to get more bang for your buck, why not "humanize" your messages to your remote workers? More than emails, connect on messaging platforms like how you would chat in person.

Show your friendly side while speaking with clarity as to the directives. Share personal stories over chat. Heck, why not do video calls with the team when you're at it? A little fun and banter wouldn't hurt.

This simple personal touch will build the team's camaraderie and engagement even if you're all online.

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Build Lasting Relationships When You Meet in Person

Lastly, the performance of your team will dictate the future of your business. Why not invest in meeting everyone once in a while?

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction. There are certain things that we can only pick up when in front of the person. Like their real personality and preferences.

That meeting will not only be a retreat in your busy schedules, but also a getting-to-know period to solidify teamwork and to build lasting relationships.

With that, I hope you benefit from a well-engaged remote team!

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