How Can Grammarly Help You Become a Better Writer?

How Can Grammarly Help You Become a Better Writer_

Content writing can be your ticket to the freelancing world. Imagine a world where you have the autonomy to work while traveling. You hold flexible hours. Albeit hard, you just need your trusty laptop and a reliable Internet connection. And you are good to go.

But like in anything, your skills should be good enough before people pay you a good amount. Nothing beats practice and your creativity in wielding words. However, this is not an excuse to submit work with horrendous grammar.


Grammar Woes

Many people will judge your content if you misspelled words or amalgamated cringe-worthy sentences.  If your grammar is not perfect, what to do then? Not everyone is blessed to have immaculate grammar.

As for me, I still have a hard time using prepositions. As a Filipino, the equivalent of most prepositions like in, on, at, and for is just the preposition "sa" in our native tongue. We all know MS Word spell check doesn't cut it.

Luckily, I found Grammarly for my grammar woes. It significantly helped my writing workflow. And it can also help you become a better writer.



Grammarly is a program that checks your prose from spelling and grammar mistakes. It even checks all the way to the context of your words. I find this handy because you just need to copy and paste your article and it checks the common errors in your first proofread.

For the free version, it checks critical errors such as my preposition problem. And it checks advance problems for the premium version. So far, the free version has been enough for my daily needs. Check this third-party review of Grammarly:


Grammarly goes beyond just spell and grammar checks. It also has these nifty features.


Goal Setting Feature

Image Credit: Benjamin Mcevoy

Goal Setting Feature

At the start of your proofreading, you can opt to fill out the goal setting prompt. It helps Grammarly tailor fit their editing style with the intent you choose for the article.

Your intent can either be to "Inform, Describe, Convince, or Tell a Story".

Alongside this, you can also adjust the type of audience that you are targeting namely "General, Knowledgeable, and Expert". Choosing this will enable certain wordings to be pointed out as not ideal for the audience you chose.

You can also choose the Style (Formal or Informal) and Emotion (Mild, Strong).

The paid version even has an option for "domains" in writing style such as "General, Academic, Business, Technical, Creative, and Casual".

The feature is not perfect as the program can still suggest wrongly based on what you want. But then, setting this feature addresses a lot of erroneous suggestions in comparison with other apps.


Document Insights - PAYSTAFF

Image Credit: Benjamin Mcevoy

Document Insights

Arguably, this is the most useful feature in the free version. After scanning, Grammarly summarizes the number of words and sentences in your text as well as the reading and speaking time for those who will consume your work.

It also analyzes the number of unique and rare words you use in comparison with other users.

Not to mention, the handy readability score based on the Flesch Reading Ease test. With this, you can make sure that your text can be read by most of your readers. A score of 60-70 is ideal for 80% of English speakers. How cool is that?!


PAYSTAFF - Weekly Progress Report

Weekly Progress Report

Weekly Progress Report

Ever heard of the saying, "what you don't measure, you can't improve"? With the Grammarly weekly progress report, you can now get a snapshot of your productivity for the past week.

It will show your productivity in comparison with other Grammarly users. It will also convey your accuracy as to writing and your common grammatical mistakes. With this, you can improve your craft further.


Premium-Only Features- Plagiarism Checker and Human Proofreader PAYSTAFF

Premium-Only Features: Plagiarism Checker and Human Proofreader

For paying users, aside from the advanced grammar checks, you can also avail of the plagiarism checker and a human proofreader.

The plagiarism checker checks your work across 16 Billion websites to prevent accidental plagiarism. If you are paid for an article, you don’t want to hand them plagiarized work. This will avoid that.

On the other hand, nothing can beat the scrutiny of the human eye (at least for now in writing). Sometimes, the AI can't accurately distinguish your writing styles and contexts.

Therefore, you might want to use a human proofreader. Access to a human proofreader is only available in Grammarly's premium offering. But you might need to shell out additional dollars in the process as this has additional charges.


How to Get It

Grammarly is available in many forms. You can integrate it into your Microsoft Word for better grammar checks. If you are using a Mac, there is a standalone app for it.

Additionally, you can also install a web browser plugin if you are writing your emails and Facebook posts. You can even download the Grammarly keyboard (iOS and Android) when you are using your smartphone. How neat is that?

But again, no app can replace your ability to weave words into beautiful sentences and coherent paragraphs. But with the help of Grammarly, you are one step to achieving such. Good luck with your writing!


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