Hooray, 2019! 7 Freelancer Goals to Up Your Game in 2019

Hooray, 2019! 7 Freelancer Goals to Up Your Game in 2019 - Paystaff

2018 just ended. How did last year go for you? Did you manage to reach all your goals? Was it challenging? Or are you sulking from the somewhat lackluster performance?

Regardless of your results, it's time to stop basking on your laurels or sobbing in your defeat. It's a new year! And these are 2019 freelancer goals to up your game in 2019.


freelance career goals - Social Media Purge: It’s Okay to Unfollow People - Paystaff

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Social Media Purge: It’s Okay to Unfollow People

First things first, you should protect your mindset in 2019. Social media is so ubiquitous; we are chained to our phones like zombies. If we check our Facebook, Instagram, or *insert-social-media-platform-here* almost every time, might as well check the ones who can uplift our spirits.

What do I mean? I say to you. You have the right to snooze, unfollow, and unfriend the people you get negative feelings from. These are your social media accounts. You have control what to see or not.

You have one friend posting about his/her trips causing you to envy and loathe yourself? Unfollow. You have this friend who posts political hate across a lot of issues. Unfollow. A friend who posts icky stuff in their feed. UNFOLLOW!

Again, you don't have to feel bad when you do. You have control. Ariana Grande said it best: Thank you, next! Purge your social media of negativity.


freelance career goals - Hone Your Current Skills - Paystaff

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Hone Your Current Skills

As a freelancer, we can only continue if people avail our services. If you had a good year, then good for you. But remember, times are changing. Someone better (and cheaper) might come and make us irrelevant.

Therefore, we can only cope up by changing and upgrading ourselves as well. We need to continuously improve so that we can stay relevant in the marketplace. And 2019 is not an exception to that.

Learn A New Skill

And speaking of honing your current skills, it's best to learn new skills as well. With the advent of skill sharing sites like Udemy, you now have a repository of relevant courses that can complement your craft (for usually a cheap price!)

Go on. Hoard these courses now!


freelance career goals - Read More Books: At Least One Book Per Month - Paystaff

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Read More Books: At Least One Book Per Month

If online courses aren't enough, you should target reading personality development books. At least one book per month. You can never set a price at the amount of knowledge you can get. And it's cheap too!

Last 2018, my notable reads were:  

It changed my perspective for the better. And I think it would be a great philosophical tool for years to come.


freelance career goals - Travel to Places You Haven't Been Too - Paystaff

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Travel to Places You Haven't Been Too

I know we are freelancers. And we usually "commute" in our humble homes. But you need to get out. For this year, try to travel in a place you haven't been to.

Traveling exposes you to new perspectives. The respite away from our digital lives is fruitful for our health and well-being. And it is even proven by science.

Remember, you don't have to travel on far off places to experience this. Just the adventure you gain from a new environment is enough regardless how far or close it is.


freelance career goals - Spend More Time Connecting With the People You Care For - Paystaff

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Spend More Time Connecting With the People You Care For

Even though we generally have more flexibility, being busy with freelance work can take our relationships at its toll. For 2019, it's best we don't forget to reconnect with our loved ones.

Schedule more meet-ups with your friends and family intentionally.


freelance career goals - Don't Forget to Put Yourself First - Paystaff

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Don't Forget to Put Yourself First

Lastly, it's time to put yourself first. In 2019, it's time to take care of yourself more than others. You are not being selfish. It's just that if you're happy and well, you ironically get to support other people better. It's in your best light that you can shine and illuminate others.

Make it a point to schedule "Me time" every week for 2019. Watch a movie. Detox from your stressors. Anything goes. Spend more time for yourself.


We haven't listed all the possible goals for 2019. Every person has a different one. What are your personal goals? Comment it down below! We are curious to know!


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