Freelancer Parent: 7 Reasons Why You Should Homeschool your Child 


Freelancing has allowed so many options for the modern day workers. It made us location independent so that we can either work-from-home or anywhere we want! We just need our laptops and a reliable Internet connection and we're good to go. Imagine what we can do from the freed up time (Google: “Manila traffic”). Not to mention the savings! 

The time and resources can be allocated to things that matter the most like being a hands-on Mom or Dad on our children's formative years.  It would be fun if the whole family can just work remotely, right?

But this is not the case with our children. They need to study to be prepared for the world. With remote work on your mind, why not also apply this remote set up to your children's education? In today's world, you actually can! It's called homeschooling! 


Homeschooling generally means teaching your kids at home. But it doesn't mean it's only at home. You can even teach them while you travel as a digital nomad. Nifty, right?


But First, Is It Legal in the Philippines?

This is a valid concern. I mean, you can't actually teach your children college degrees. You want them to also have the ability to choose their career in the future. Can your homeschooling be considered when they apply for college?

And luckily, it is legal to homeschool in the Philippines. You can check out this link to the Home School Legal Defense (HSLDA) website for the laws and updates about homeschooling in the Philippines.

With the legal apprehensions set aside, these are the reason why you should try homeschooling!



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Learning Customized For Your Child

We are all different people. And in terms of learning, some people might learn more from verbal communication. Some thru visuals and others from a multitude of combinations we can't exactly pinpoint for every single student.

The thing is, you know your child. You know what are his/her capabilities and personality. You can tailor fit your lessons with that in mind. You still will cover all the topics needed to discuss. But at least you have an emphasis on the ones your child is most curious about.

Is this customization even possible in traditional schooling? I don't think so.



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One-on-One Learning

There have been studies that correlate the teacher-to-student ratio to their performance. In this particular study, they saw that the higher the teacher-to-student ratio, the lower their achievements.

This is understandable because the teacher can't give ample time for every single student. They can only do so much given the number of pupils. And you also have to consider the degree of connection of the student to the teacher as well. With that many, I doubt they can build great relationships with all of them.

In homeschooling, you have the ideal ratio. One is to one! 

And as a parent, you definitely want your kid to succeed. You have the emotional attachment to them and the perfect teacher-to-student ratio. Only homeschooling can surely provide that advantage.


Time Flexibility for Everyone

Freelancing has provided time flexibility to our working moms and dads. And with homeschooling, you have the control to schedule the studying schedule of your kids.

If you want to take a vacation, you can. If you want a sudden field trip for learning, you can! With the proper discipline, you can make it more effective for your work-life balance and your child's study-life balance!



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You Can Plan Your Child's Education for Long-Term Continuity

Traditional school curricula have been designed to educate the kids into a certain "ideal citizen". But this "ideal citizen" might not be the ideal person you want your kid to become.

Modern times reward those who excel extremely well in their own fields. But if you have a generalized education, you might not hone this seed of talent in your kid today. Yes, they might take elective for certain skills, but what to do after that single class ends?

With homeschooling, you are sure to create a plan for your kid's education for long-term continuity. You can make a seamless plan to introduce related topics one after another to cultivate their craft for the future. 



Good Influence from Your Parents

When children go to school, they experience numerous social pressures. And God forbid, some of this might be a bad influence for your child. I'm not saying all. But would you actually know?

With homeschooling, you are more in control with the values your child grows up with. No more peer pressure in their formative years. With their core values set in place, there will be a lesser chance (again not absolute) to be swayed by these negative thoughts when they grow up.



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Closer Family Relationships

Lastly, being together will bring a distinct closeness to your family. The problem with today is that the parents and kids are too busy with their own responsibilities outside their home. 

Families drift apart because of the lack of time spent together. With homeschooling and remote work, you can forge deep and intimate relationships with your kids.


Where to Start?

Yes! I want to try it. Where do I start?

There are multiple ways. But it is best to check out this CHED accredited homeschooling institutions first. Even though it's homeschooling, we still need to adhere to standards. Pretty much like how we enrolled in classes to learn our skills we use now in freelancing. 

With these institutions, you are sure to teach your child properly at home. Good luck with your homeschooling!


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