Freedom Summit Philippines 2019: What’s in It for Aspiring Filipino Freelancers

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Being able to manage your own time, enjoy work-life balance, and achieve financial freedom are just some of the perks of freelancing. However, it's normal for anyone to have some reservations about fully diving into this continuously growing trend. This is especially true if you don't know where and how to start.

Alas! If you're itching to get started in building your freelance career, then here's your chance. The Freedom Summit is coming to the Philippines this month!



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What is the Freedom Summit About?

The Freedom Summit is set to be “the most ambitious digital marketing summit in the Philippines”. Spearheaded by seasoned digital nomad Ricky Shetty, the summit will feature 50 speakers and panelists.

Ricky Shetty is the owner of and A successful freelancer himself, he is a living testimony that it’s possible to achieve total freedom in terms of time, location, and money.

Ricky has been helping aspiring freelancers experience the freedom to go where they want and whenever they wish, without having to worry about money. And through this event, he aims to reach and teach more Filipinos how they can enjoy such freedom, too!

Check out this video for a peek at what’s to transpire in the summit:




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Who is This Summit For?

The Freedom Summit is for everyone who hopes to enjoy the ultimate time, location, and financial freedom but does not know where and how to begin. Ricky sees this summit as not just a learning event, but also a gathering of both successful and aspiring digital nomads.

So, if you want to learn the tricks of the trade, expand your network, and be one with the community, there’s no place you’d rather be this coming March 30 to 31. This event will happen at the Ground Up Coworking Space in San Antonio, Parañaque!



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Who Will You Meet in the Summit?

In the summit, you’ll meet and learn from world-class speakers and influencers. Each of them has something unique to bring to the table. Their contributions are set to provide information and support to both experienced and aspiring digital nomads.

Among the international speakers include Ricky Shetty himself, who will talk about how to travel the world as a digital nomad. Six-time TEDx speaker, Doug Vermeeren, will share ways to gain freedom through generating passive income. Meanwhile, Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer, Warren Whitlock, will show us the three simple steps to quickly grow a company.

From the Philippine local arena, you’ll hear from online marketing strategist and mentor Nix Eniego, who will show the ways to build a 7-figure online business. Inbox Society founder, Allan Ngo, will talk about the secrets of email marketing. Girl boss Le-an Lai Lacaba, on the other hand, will tell us about the absolute secret to business growth and freedom.  

You can learn more about the other Freedom Summit speakers and panelists here.


Why Paystaff Supports the Freedom Summit?

Paystaff is proud to be among the select sponsors of the Freedom Summit Philippines 2019. As a premier payment gateway catering to Australian employers working with Filipino freelancers, Paystaff fully supports the purpose behind the summit. In fact, our team is composed of fun and life-loving digital nomads, too!

Just take a look at our resident globetrotter, Leandro Mikael Eclipse. Years ago, Miko was devoting practically all of his time for business. His travels used to be for business and business alone, robbing him of the chance to appreciate the charm of the places he’s been to. But what changed?



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Here’s a glimpse of my quick chat with Miko:

JD: When and why did you decide to become a digital nomad?

Miko: The book 4-hour workweek is my turning point. Back then, I was running a really hectic business but wanted to travel the world. And I can't. The book made me realize that there is actually a way to travel while working NOW. So I decided to become a digital nomad.

J: How did you get started? What were the challenges you had when starting and how did you overcome them?

M: Honestly, I didn't know how to start. I just know that I should find sources of income that are location-independent. I ventured into businesses I can operate online, currency trading, and freelancing. Not everything was a successful venture.

Luckily, I found Paystaff when my friend referred me to the writer position. Out of all, it's the most predictable source of income I have.

J: How did Paystaff help your career as a freelancer grow?

M: I owe Paystaff a lot of skills I have today. I grew a lot. I now have my own travel blog, Miko Around the World. I get speaking engagements and other clients because of the portfolio I built with them.

J: How do you balance work and travel?

M: First of all, if you travel while working, you should not think of it as a vacation. After all, you have to work to sustain your lifestyle!

Given that, you should accept already that you can't be a tourist to see everything. You should have a specific schedule when you will work and when you will play.

I do suggest that you travel slowly and at prolonged periods to immerse yourself fully in the culture of the place. Pretty much like exploring after your work hours except you are almost always in another country.



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J: Got any tips for aspiring freelancers?

M: My tip is to find your strengths. Let's face it. In freelancing, we are offering a service. And if you don't have a marketable skill, you can't be paid whether online or offline. When you find your strength, the passion will follow.

If you are getting paid already, prepare yourself financially before becoming a digital nomad. Don't be like those beggar travelers in social media (literally begging their way to fund their travels).  

Lastly, it's alright to make mistakes. Try out different stuff. Find the "gigs" you can bank on. It's better to know "not for me, next opportunity" rather than "what if I did this?".

As much as possible, live life without regrets.

Do you also want to begin enjoying life and traveling the world while still earning your keep? Sign up today to join us at the Freedom Summit!


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What Can You Expect to Gain From The Freedom Summit?

By the end of the two-day summit, you will gain the knowledge and the developed mindset that will set you up for freelancing success. This summit is bound to be your most-awaited freelance career jumpstarter.

Don’t get left behind! Grab the chance to learn from the best and the brightest in the local and international digital marketing and freelancing arena.

Book your tickets to the Freedom Summit now. See you there!


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