Father’s Day Special: 5 Influential Australian Dads You Can Follow to Become a Better Parent Yourself


It's high time again to celebrate fatherhood this upcoming Father's day (Jun 16 Sunday). It's the day to honor the contributions of our loving dad's in our lives. After all, we wouldn't be complete without them (literally and figuratively).

If you don't mind, can I ask you a question? This might be subjective, but how do you know if you're a good dad? Difficult to answer. Well, I'm not a Dad yet. Also, there can be hundreds of ways to parent a child. As an individual, success means differently. I don't think there's an exact answer.

But what I do know is that you can always model other successful dads not only in parenting but in your chosen career. With that, here are 5 influential Australian dads you can model your success in.


Scott Farquhar

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Scott Farquhar

Atlassian Co-founder Scott Farquhar is a dad everyone should follow. Why? If you don't know already, he is one of the first tech billionaires in Australia. Reaching the billionaire mark on their 2015 IPO.

Today it has grown to a point where it placed Scott as the 5th richest man in Australia. And it's not all about money and start-ups. It all started with a dream.

He doesn't even know what to sell beforehand, but he knows it's in the software industry. From a company run just by cycling their credit card to a multi-billion dollar industry, he surely has something to offer for every dad out there.

He even generously shared life skills everyone should have. Just watch his talk about the three key tips for life.


Inspiring, right? And you can be an inspiration to your kids as well. Follow him on his Twitter and LinkedIn.



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Billy Slater

Probably the greatest fullback of the century, Billy Slater is one heck of a dad to look up to. In the realm of Rugby, he currently sets the record of most tries (the way of scoring points in rugby) at 190, just second to Ken Irvine.

He was the top scorer in the World cup (2008) and won the Golden Boot award. But more than just a superb athlete, what is more outstanding about him is his love for his family. Look at this lovely photo compilation of his family:


It goes to show that regardless of your retirement from the limelight, the most important thing is not your career but your family. Follow him on his twitter account.



Image Credit: DineDiningLovers.com

Peter Gilmore

We have one in business and one in sports. We couldn't possibly leave out the food industry. Peter Gilmore is one father figure to be looked up to in the culinary arena. He is a world-renowned chef currently holding the title “Best Restaurant in Australia” for Quay, where he is the executive chef.

Arguably, he is most famous for his snow egg. It’s an egg-shaped poached meringue with ice cream in the center. It’s finished with a sweet tulie blow torched as the outer coating on top of a fruit fool and granita. All this explaining makes me drool. Just watch this video to see it:


And this fame doesn’t stop Peter from still innovating. In a 2018 article by Moneymag Australia, he was even experimenting with the flavors of 7 different winter squash pumpkins and which one holds the best flavor. No wonder Quay is still at the top of their game for a number of years already.

As a father, you can really apply this mindset. We should all innovate to sustain our growth because well, there is no such thing as “sustaining a business”. As the saying goes, it’s either your green and growing or ripe and rotting. No in between.

Follow Peter in his Instagram account to learn more from him.



Image Credit: DadSpotlight

Justin Bechtold (The 40-Year-Old Dad)

Children are a great blessing for every parent. And it took Justin Bechtold 9 failed attempts at IVF and an equally failed trip to a Balinese Witch Doctor before they finally got one.

Lucky enough, they were surprised with a miracle (through normal means) of two beautiful kids at age 40 years old. The cool thing Justin is documenting their parenting lifestyle in The 40-year Old Blog.

Experience a comedic relief from the Bechtolds as he narrates what it’s like to be a 40-year old dad. Well, he is a comedian as well so prepare yourself with witty weaved entry pieces. He was even included in the list of top 50 influencers in Australia. So, you won’t regret it.

You can also check out his LinkedIn and Twitter here.  



Image Credit: Camplify.com

Justin Lorrimer (Trip in a Van)

Who says you can’t travel with your family around the world? The Lorrimers broke the norm. Sold their house. Bought an RV and left to travel with their three children around Australia.  They have never looked back since.

Although not for everyone, with their guidance, you might get a chance to live the same lifestyle. Check out their adventures on their blog Trip in a Van today.

They also have a youtube channel and Instagram for aspirational content just for you.



There you have it! Follow these people and who knows, they might even influence you to become a better version of yourself.

Do you have someone in mind that people should follow as well? Comment down below!


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