Efficient Management Tricks: How Doing Less Can Help You Achieve More


Building and growing a business come with a lot of challenges. Many of these are external: competitions, economic trends, and social issues, among others. Then there are internal factors, too, which include financial, strategical, and operational issues

These challenges are typical. You probably go through some of them right now. But you might be surprised that your own daily stuff can also affect how you function as a manager.

When you have a lot of tasks lined up, you’d think you need to do more in a day so you can tick more off your list quickly. However, it’s actually the opposite that needs to happen if you want to get more things done! You can actually achieve more by doing less.


Multitasking Means Multi-Distractions

Many people see multitasking as a good thing. Who doesn’t want to accomplish as many tasks in as little time as possible, right? Sadly, it’s not as effective as you might think it is. Here’s a video on multitasking and how it can actually hurt your productivity:


Simply put, multitasking divides your attention. When you switch between tasks at a time, you’re less likely to finish any. Alternatively, you might finish tasks, but not at the level of quality you’re hoping for. 

When you focus on just one task, you can give it all your thought and energy. What’s more, you can finish it on time! 



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A Long To-Do List May Not Be Helping

Having a long to-do list means you’re a really busy person. You probably consider each of these tasks as important. But surely, there are those that are more important than the others, right?

You see, when you have too many tasks you want to accomplish and you don’t rank them by importance, it’s easier to get distracted. You’ll have the tendency to do easier tasks first just so you can already get some things done. In the end, you might fail to do the tasks that are actually more important.



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Create a Priority List 

It’s a good habit to create a to-do list. It helps you remember things. But, you need to keep it concise. You also need to learn to prioritize tasks that really need to be done today. 

Pick your top 5 most important tasks and focus on doing them—and only them. This helps you focus on what truly matters at the moment. This will also save you from decision fatigue, which refers to how one spends a lot of time deciding what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. 

And even if you’re able to finish your top 5 tasks early, try not to do anything else! At the end of the day, your goal should be to have less and no more to do, instead of finding more things to do. If it happens that you have spare time after finishing your priority tasks for the day, use that time to rest or to be with family and friends!



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The Bottom Line: Focus on the Most Important Things Instead of Everything

Sure, you want to accomplish more in a day so you can achieve your goals faster. However, doing so exposes you to the risk of burnout. By the time you’re about to achieve your goals, you might be already too worn out to enjoy the moment. Worse, you’ve already given up somewhere along the way, thinking that you’ve given your all to no avail.

Remember: productivity is not measured by how many little things you’ve done. Rather, by how many big things you’ve done that may eventually eliminate the need to do the small things. As the old adage goes, time is gold—so, carefully choose where you spend it on!


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