Demystifying Affirmations: 6 Ways to Make Affirmations Work For You

Demystifying Affirmations- 6 Ways to Make Affirmations Work For You

Life is difficult. There are multiple challenges that we face in every day. That demotivating boss, the severely toxic work environment, your degrading family relationships, and the list goes on. It seems hopeless. What do we do now?

The first step is facing the facts! We can't change anyone except ourselves. It's easy to condemn other people for our situation. I tell you, don't blame others. We are answerable for our own circumstances.


Acceptance Isn’t Easy

Although painful, the moment we accept that we are solely responsible for our state is the only time we can control our lives. It's the only time that we are empowered to proactively change our current state. But how do we battle such seemingly never-ending problems?

You have to improve your mindset. And affirmations might help you do just that.

Affirmations you say?? It did not work for me.

Before you irk at the idea, hear me out. It's a common instance where it doesn't work for some people. We're here to demystify this tool for it to harness its power. These are 6 ways to make your affirmations work for you.


Don't Mindless Make Affirmations. Check Your Negative Thoughts First.

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Don't Mindless Make Affirmations. Check Your Negative Thoughts First.

For most people, what they do is just download a template and fill in the blanks without doing the groundwork. If you utter such paragraphs with spikes of disbelief while saying it, chances are, you have not faced your negative thoughts first.

The purpose of affirmations is to bring motivation and help you overcome self-sabotage and negative thoughts. If you don't know what they are, you are just uttering gibberish in the first place. 

Write down all your negative thoughts about the thing you want to change. For example, "I am a generous person." Write down your negative thoughts against this statement. Afterward, learn to accept and forgive yourself from this negativity.

It's really hard to break this negative thinking. You can check out how world renowned speaker Tony Robbin does it:


Aim to improve in these instances until you accept that you are, in fact, a generous person amidst the deficiency.


Feel the Affirmation- Write It in Present Tense and In First Person

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Feel the Affirmation: Write It in Present Tense and In First Person

For some reason, the mind doesn't discern between the future and the present. Therefore, your affirmations should be in present tense. Feel as if you are that person today. Everything is happening at this very moment.

Don't forget to say it in first person because it's all about your self-development. It’s but just to own the statements for yourself

This would be more effective because you are expressing your affirmations with the feeling of gratefulness as if it’s happening right now. Feel the emotions today and see the changes in the future.


Post It in Important Places

Post It in Important Places

There is power in visually seeing something you want to be done. Similar to vision boards, it can imprint the subconscious with ways to get to our goals. And affirmations are like vision boards for our future self.

With that, it's good to post your affirmations in important places where you can see it every day. Put in your bedroom or bathroom mirror. It's also like a "charger" if you may on areas where you experience the most stress. You can put it up a notch and bring a copy in your wallet.

Always seeing the affirmation is like a respite in this problematic world.


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Make It a Habit

But then, if you only do this when you feel like it, it will not produce any result. You should incorporate this with your time and make it a habit. Do it each day until it becomes one. I mean if you can browse social media every day, why not invest time to sculpt yourself with affirmations?

It's best if you do affirmations each day on the same hour each day. The best time is once when you wake up to provide that motivation boost. And once before you sleep for your subconscious to work its magic in your slumber.


Be Accountable- Get a Coach

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Be Accountable: Get a Coach

But discipline with only ourselves to police us can be hard for most people. This is where getting a coach is best.

Among other things, you can let your coach repeat your affirmations to you. This can be your family members, your friends, or just someone you feel comfortable with. With this, you are sure to follow up on your goals and eventually get it.


Commitment to Action: Use It as a Guide for Change

And speaking of improvement, it's not enough for you to just say your affirmations. It should be backed up by action. It’s not a magical spell that will let things fall into place.

Use your affirmations as a guide for the change you want to happen in your life. Use it as a reminder of the person you want to be. And when the going gets tough, you can go back to your affirmation as a reminder to get on track again. Commit to it.

With that, let’s get to our goals faster by affirming ourselves every day. Good luck!


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