Debunking the Passion Myth: How to Make “Following Your Passion” Work for You?

Debunking the Passion Myth- How to Make _Following Your Passion_ Work_

Countless times, we are taught to follow our passion. That one thing that we feel we are made for. Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life! Do something you’re passionate about to be fulfilled. An answer to your banal frustrating life.

But this has caused peril to most. Your plain hoping and believing in your passion is bad advice.  As if your life problems can be fixed with a flick of a wand. Pretty much like a fairy godmother, this advice works only on fables. You're on your way to become a helpless damsel. Literally. And you don’t want that.


Passion Changes- The truth about _Passion_

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Passion Changes: The truth about "Passion"

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against the concept of passion. In fact, living without one will make you just a mindless zombie. But I'm not here to stop you from following the things you want to do.

I just implore you to reconsider. People find their lifetime "burning desire" backward. People pick a hobby or a certain career and hastily decide that it's their life mission.

And leave everything behind??! Wait! This is just reckless. Don't fall into the trap. Please curate the facts first.

Cal Newport, the famed writer of "Deep Work", said it best "Passion is not something you follow. Passion is something that will follow you as you put in the hard work to become valuable to the world."

Passion Changes Over Time

Our current passion might not be our passion in the future. Do you remember what you are passionate about the most when you were in college? For me, it's playing computer games. And it's not even in my list of priorities as of this date.

And we have multiple passions, am I right? But that doesn't mean that we will be excited for all of them in the future. With that, how can you actually pick one that you will do as a career the rest of your life?


Do You Get Paid For It_

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Do You Get Paid For It?

First of all, can you monetize your passion? Before you raise your pitchforks and curse me for being too materialistic, think. We all have needs.

If you believe that money can't buy you happiness, let's see how happy you will be when you don't have the money for food and basic necessities.

I'm not asking if you can go rich with it. I'm just asking if there is a remote chance that you can at least earn something from your passion. Will people pay you to do it? Heck, would you even pay yourself to do it?

For example, one of my "greatest passions" is eating good food. Can I make money from it? Well, not yet. It actually chunks out a big portion of my budget.

The point is. If the answer is no, leaving your job or what you currently earn from for something this unstable is suicide. Better hold off first. As you test the waters, consider doing it part-time. Check out how to get a side hustle without getting fired.        

If the answer is yes, on to the next question.


Do You Have the Skill?

Do you have the skill for it? Instead of solely picking what interest you have as of the moment, also find something you are good at. If you want to earn from your passion, you have to be good enough to get paid.

What if you're not good at anything? That's precisely the point. How can you bet your life on the slim chance of making it without even honing your skills? Moving on.


Make Your Strengths Your Passion

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Make Your Strengths Your Passion

So look into something you're good at. And make it your passion. It's how "finding your passion" works anyway.

If you don’t any, try things you are interested in. As you get to practice more, you will know if you're skilled enough to possibly be one of the best. You will get feedback and be praised for your work.

How do you feel when you get praised? Do you wallow in the corner and quit? No! You suddenly want to do better and practice more.

As this feedback effect enamors you, you suddenly burn with passion in this continuous cycle of self-reinforcement. Embrace it. You will become bulletproof from further rejections. You found the one thing, the reason if you may of your existence.


I give my congratulations to you; this is how you find your passion. It's in the contribution of a valuable skill you love to do to the community that they gladly paid you for it.

If you haven’t found it yet, I hope you find it soon enough. Cheers to a fulfilling life!

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