Basic Principles You Should Keep in Mind when Building Your Facebook Business Page

Basic Principles You Should Keep in Mind when Building Your Facebook Business Page

In today's world, almost all businesses need an online presence. It is essential to be searchable and connected to our followers and potential customers at all times as much as possible.

And where better set your home base than on Facebook. Facebook boasts 2 Billion users worldwide. A number that is growing by the second as we speak. So by simple math, it is really easy to tap an online audience, right? I mean getting 0.01% of that is big business already. Just post anything. It's done.

It's Easier Said than Done. You Need to Do It Right

If you're thinking this way, prepare to be disappointed. It's hard to build a strong following in social media. I mean how many pages have you scrolled and ignored for the past 24 hours? Too many.

The Facebook business pages are a great place to develop a relationship between you and your customers. But if you're creating a Facebook Page without any strategy for engagement or likes, your chances of getting sales or leads are really small.

If you don't have it already, this is a short video on how to create your very own Facebook business page:

With that, let us help you with the basics of building your Facebook Business Page.

First Impressions Last- Choose an Appealing Cover Photo and a Discernible Profile Picture

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First Impressions Last: Choose an Appealing Cover Photo and a Discernible Profile Picture

The one that seals the deal with your first impression is the cover photo and profile picture. It's the first thing your prospective client or follower sees when they visit your page. It's important to take the time to think about what photo you are publishing.

For your profile picture, keep it simple and discernible. What you want is to be recognizable amongst all the pages there is out there. For brands, you can just put your logo. And for a personal brand, you can upload your power-posed headshot. The essential thing is, if they saw that photo, they should know that it is your page, especially in Facebook search.

As to your cover photo, choose something that will be attractive to your audience. It will be the first striking thing for your customers because it takes up most of the layout. It should be something fun and expressive. Do not put a litany of words. Let the image speak to your audience.

Just remember to upload high-quality photos and adhere to the dimensions. Currently, page profile pictures display at 170 x 170 pixels on a desktop and 128 x 128 pixels on smartphones. And Page cover photos at 820 x 312 pixels on computers, and 640 x 360 pixels on smartphones.

Also, your profile picture will be cropped into a circular image when you use Facebook ads or when you message customers. So, keep this in mind and redesign your logo if the important elements are in the frame borders.

Fill Your About Section with Basic Info and Milestones

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Fill Your About Section with Basic Info and Milestones

When customers visit your page, sometimes, they just want to know more details about your company. Like how they can contact you, where are you located or what your company is actually 'About'.

And most forget to fill in these essential details in their page. So don't forget to put your details in the 'About' section of your page. Let the world know a brief description of your mission or your personal story. Let them know what they need to know.

You can also show your milestones in the business like when you started, your awards, or successful product launches. The point is, give them a reason and credibility (if you can) for them to like your page.

Create a Custom Username

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Create a Custom Username

Social Media made brands and people reachable to the public. Right now, you can directly message a public figure like a president or a government agency by just tagging them. And you can be a recipient too.

Just create a custom username for people to tag you. It is easier if you use your page name as the username. You can interact better with your clients and it would also promote brand recall.

Set a Preferred Audience

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Set a Preferred Audience

Did you know that you could actually target a preferred audience with your Facebook Page? Yes!

The Facebook algorithm helps you find your target audience for that organic interaction you want to increase. You can set your Preferred Audience and Audience Restrictions depending on your demographics.

In this way, it will help the algorithm suggest your page to people who want it. Check out this guide to set your Preferred Audience.

Interact and Engage: Be Consistent in Posting. Use a Social Media Calendar.Interact and Engage: Be Consistent in Posting. Use a Social Media Calendar.

Image Credit: conversionminded

Interact and Engage: Be Consistent in Posting. Use a Social Media Calendar.

Now that you set up the skeleton of your page, it's time to bring it to flesh. And content is the driving force. You don't want a person who just likes your page and leaves never to come back. You want your page to attract people and keep them coming back for more.

Remember, it's all about engagement. It's better to have fewer page likers but really active followers who like, share, and comment. You will get better reach with your target customers. And pages who have more engagement tend to rank up in more user's news feed.

Post Consistently

With that, you have to consistently post on your Facebook page. There are just too many pages out there that are like deserted islands. No posts. No updates. Nada. Just like a ghost town. If you want a thriving page, better put content that your followers would like. Post something helpful, interesting, and relevant.

Photos and videos are better as this have the highest chance of being shared. Make it a point to always put content to effectively interact. It will portray that you are reliable and authentic.

Reply to Comments

If there are comments, reply to them and keep the conversation going. It will not only build trust and relationships, it will also score high in the algorithm. Given this, you should find the proper frequency and timing for your posts. Build a social media editorial calendar.

This needs trial and error though. Observe in your Facebook insights where you create most traffic after your first posts. And adjust your social media calendar and strategy accordingly.

Utilize a Call-to-Action Button

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Utilize a Call-to-Action Button

The point of business pages is to build a relationship with your audience so that you can hopefully convert them to a subscriber for your blog, to a possible sale, or to insert-what-you-want-them-to-do-here.

And there is a nifty tool to allow just that. You can already add call-to-action buttons underneath your cover photo. You can add a "Buy Now", "Sign Up", "Contact Us", and many more. The possibilities are quite endless.

Afterward, you can set this to link to your landing page, home page, or online shop. This might seem common sense, but there are many pages that don't even put this. So you should take advantage.

Leverage on Facebook Tools

Leverage on Facebook Tools

And speaking of tools, there are many ways to ease your managing woes for your Facebook page.


First is the autoresponder. It's impossible to reply to everyone instantaneously. We need to sleep after all. But worry not, the auto-responder got you! This will allow the page to respond a generic message to your follower's query.

These replies can be either a confirmation that you received their message or a thank you message for reaching out to your page. But you can craft this autoresponder for your needs at that moment.  

Notification Setting

Next is the notification setting. You can adjust to get notified when a comment, a share, or a mention activity happens in your page. You can also set the frequency. It depends on the page. But for me, I don't want to be bombarded with thousands of notifications every time.

To boot, you can also receive your notifications either via email, text, or both.

Pin Posts

Moreover, you can pin important posts on the top of your page. When you consistently post, your call-to-action posts will get pushed down newsfeed. So better utilize this option to show the latest offerings you have for your followers.

Page Roles

Lastly, you may have a team who manages your Facebook Page and are shifting regularly. You might want to specifically assign them Page Roles to avoid your other employees to accidentally post nasty personal pictures or videos in your page.

You don't want that drunken wild night by your employee going viral suddenly. All your marketing efforts might get flushed down with their hangover. Make sure to set this up along with employee training.

Promote Your Page

After conceiving your Facebook identity, you have to promote like crazy. At first, you can start with organic ways like posting your articles on Facebook Groups relevant to your business. Or "suggesting" your circle of influence to like and share your page and posts.

But after exhausting this, Facebook has a way to target people outside your circle. That's by paid ads. Yes, you can customize your target audience based on their age range, the pages they liked, and the websites they visited.

You will pay for this, so make sure to promote with well-optimized images and call-to-actions.

Feedback: Utilize Facebook Insights

Even with all this effort, you wouldn't know if something is working unless you measure it. Luckily, you can use Facebook Insights to check. You can infer what posts are effective and what to re-share.

Ultimately, you can adjust accordingly to your weaknesses and capitalize more on your strengths. With that, good luck with your business!

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