8 Mompreneurs Who Will Inspire You to Pursue Your Passion

8 Mompreneurs Who Will Inspire You to Pursue Your Passion

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, we take a moment to recognize the power of moms who took the leap to pursue their passions. They are important in our lives. If you still don’t have anything to give the mothers in your life this coming Mother’s Day, check out these DIY ideas:


And they deserve it. We’ve come a very long way from the days when women, particularly moms, were expected to stay at home to do nothing but take care of the family.

We’ve also successfully moved on from being confined to the stereotypical job roles, with more women now in the tech industry. Also, more and more women are now gaining the confidence to establish their own businesses.

Behold, the rise of mompreneurs!

Here are 8 mompreneurs you should check out and follow to be inspired to take that crucial step towards building your own business!


1. MK Bertulfo - Filipina Homebased Moms

MK Bertulfo - Filipina Homebased Moms

Maria Korina Bertulfo, widely known in the Filipino freelancing community as Mommy MK, is the CEO and founder of Filipina Homebased Moms, the biggest community of work-from-home moms in the Philippines. Aside from overseeing the community, Mommy MK also managers her own freelancing business.

She left her office-based job in 2017 to work remotely full-time. While working for an overseas client as a home-based email support representative, she also managed to start building and growing the FHMoms community. As a professional freelancer herself, she was able to share her knowledge and experience to the community.

And the rest, to say the least, is history. She began facilitating online workshops, with speaking engagements here and there. Just recently, she became one of the speakers at the Freedom Summit Philippines 2019.


2. Anna Meloto-Wilk - Human Heart Nature

Anna Meloto-Wilk - Human Heart Nature

Anna Meloto-Wilk co-founded Human Heart Nature with her sister, Camille Meloto. After graduating from college, Anna entered the advertising industry where she realized that the accounts she was handling can already fund a Gawad Kalinga village. Being the daughter of Gawad Kalinga founder Antonio Meloto, she knew she can do something more to help the community.

She went back to her roots, then met her would-be husband, Dylan Wilk. Dylan himself was once named the 9th richest man under 30 in the UK, but chose to do something more worthwhile.

When they got married, they moved to the US, intending to raise their child there while still working for GK. It was then that they grew increasingly environment-conscious, choosing organic products over synthetic ones. They noticed that most of the ingredients used in those products actually grow in the Philippines.

In 2008, Anna, together with her husband and sister, rolled out their first line of natural products. To date, Human Heart Nature is a global brand that consistently releases new products while providing livelihood for local Filipino farmers.


3. Nami Clarke – Prom Queen

Nami Clarke – Prom Queen

Nami Clarke is the founder of Prom Queen, through which she showcases her content marketing prowess and services. Based in Bendigo, Australia, the mom of two is a copywriter who specializes in providing website content for fellow women who are venturing in entrepreneurship, too.

Prom Queen was born out of her determination to build a business that incorporated her passion and creativity, as well as her young family’s lifestyle. Many of her clients, some of whom are mothers too, have the same goals as hers.

Through Prom Queen, Nami is able to empower small and home-based business owners, not to mention, mompreneurs like her. With her unique and engaging copywriting style, she’s helped a lot of entrepreneurs make their businesses known to audiences.


4. Emma Barr – iLEADS

Emma Barr – iLEADS

Emma Barr is the founder of iLEADS, a lead generation company catering to real estate agents in Australia. After working in real estate for four years, she decided to leave the 9-to-5 life and get on the road with her husband Cam and son Flynn.

The trio quite literally is living their life on the road, traveling across Australia in a tradie van. They are sure enjoying their nomad life while Emma grows her business using her combined real estate sales and digital marketing knowledge and skills.


5. Jen Gerodias Diaz – Snoe Beauty

Jen Gerodias Diaz – Snoe Beauty

Jen Gerodias Diaz is the CEO and founder of Snoe Beauty, a makeup, skin care, and beauty company based in the Philippines. This mom of three is not new to business. She used to manage pawnshops and gas stations. True enough, she was living a comfortable, happy life. Until she asked herself if those are really businesses she would want to do for the rest of her life.

In 2009, with the encouragement of her husband, she ventured into beauty products, something that she’s always been passionate about. She first tried her hand in making her own soaps. Word spread and she started receiving orders. In 2010, Snoe Beauty was born.

Because of her background in business, it wasn’t long before she has developed and implemented her business plan. She joined bazaar after bazaar, in and out of the metro. Within a few months, her brand’s name grew both online and offline. Snoe now has more than 30 kiosks and stand-alone stores, and can be found online through their website and marketplaces such as Lazada and Zalora.


6. Julia Christie – Nail Snail

Julia Christie – Nail Snail

Julia Christie invented the Nail Snail, a groundbreaking, 3-in-1 baby nail trimmer. Julia came up with the idea after she and her husband went through the terrible trauma of injuring their newborn baby boy after using regular baby nail clippers. She thought that there must be a safer and easier way to do this seemingly simple task.

From Julia’s 5 AM eureka drawing in 2013, Nail Snail is now recognized as one of the most revolutionary baby products to come from Australia. As of 2017, she has already sold 13,000 Nail Snails not just in Australia but in Northern Canada, Guam, and Borneo as well. She’s also currently in talks to bring the Nail Snail to the USA, UK, and Asia.

Julia has already received numerous awards for her product, including Ausmumpreneur Product Innovation Award, Australian Good Design, and Big Innovation Award.


7. Mi’ann Oblea – Babymama

Mi’ann Oblea – Babymama

Michelle Anne (Mi’Ann) Oblea is the founder and owner of Babymama.ph, the no. 1 breastfeeding store in the Philippines. Mi’ann established Babymama in 2009 when she resigned from her corporate work after 10 years. That time, she was pregnant with their second baby while still breastfeeding and pumping for their firstborn.

Back then, breast pumps were too expensive to buy locally. She had to ask an uncle to get hers from the US. Because of this experience, she had the idea to bring breast pumps to the Philippines that were effective and at the same time, won’t burn a hole in the average Filipino family’s pockets.

She started by sourcing Korean-made breast pumps and had her nursing friends try her test units. When her friends started asking to buy a unit for themselves, she knew she was onto something huge.

With a background in marketing, Mi’ann successfully built the Babymama brand. It is now the exclusive distributor of Spectra (Korea) and Ameda (USA) breastfeeding products here in the Philippines. Aside from the website, moms can get their breastfeeding supplies from Babymama’s four physical stores and resellers.


8. Dominique Perri – Anarkid

Dominique Perri – Anarkid

Dominique Perri serves as the director of sales and marketing for Anarkid, an online retail store famed for their “rebellious” kids clothing line. A mother of two, Dominique also had her own retail store, Baby Dino, before focusing on Anarkid. With her extensive retail experience, she thought of dedicating her time and work to support brands, especially those that offered great products but weren’t maximizing their success because of marketing challenges.

After selling her own online store, she decided to invest in Anarkid, which happened to be among the brands she stocked at Baby Dino. Since then, she has already invested in other kids fashion labels, with the goal of helping them build their brands further and globally.



Motherhood is already hard work in itself. The fact that these moms, and all others who are still able to squeeze business and work into their busy schedules, is something that deserves recognition and thanks.

Do you have other inspiring mompreneurs in mind? Are you a mompreneur yourself? We’d love to hear your story!


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