7 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Failure With Your Side Hustle

7 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Failure With Your Side Hustle

Starting that side hustle might be the best decision you'll ever make. But why haven't you started yet? Do I hear that right? So many excuses.

But almost all can be traced to Fear of Failure. The one thing that makes or break a would-be star player, an entrepreneur, and, in this case, a super freelancer.

To combat this, one must truly understand where the fear is coming from. One must understand oneself. After all, if you don't know the root of what's stopping you, how can you overcome them?

Worry not. Here are some causes of your fear of failure and how you can conquer them.

Knowing Everything Before You Start

Knowing Everything Before You Start

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If you're the type to overthink, you might want to rest your brains a little. This might make us procrastinate by just studying the opportunity forever.

This might be a shocker, but you can't possibly know everything. And no one has ever known everything before even starting. So I say, it's enough to know around 60% of what you need to know.

Just like when driving in the dark, you only need to light up the next 40-60% of the pathway to move forward safely. Taking action is the key to fighting this cause. And your inaction just keeps you overthinking in your dark research corner (hopefully not) for all eternity.

Control What You Can Control, Leave the Uncontrollable Behind

There are multiple things that are happening in our respective fields. Robots taking over jobs, the economy plummeting, or that new dog barking crazy on our work hours.

I say to you. You should choose to fight your battles. And focus on things that you have influence over.

We don't have the capacity to provide solutions to everything. To relinquish that fear of failure lurking, consider the aspects you can control. And find out if it's still worth it regardless. Most of the time, it still is.

Embracing Abundance, The Ocean is Vast Enough for Everyone

Embracing Abundance, The Ocean is Vast Enough for Everyone

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What if there are too many players in the market? How can I still make a mark? This scarcity mentality was never true, at least if you set your mind otherwise.

In starting, one should have a "Blue Ocean" thinking. Meaning, finding a vast ocean, a niche as one can say, that everyone or at least you can participate well in.

Suppose writing might be a saturated market (It's not! It's an age where writers are needed in every company), you just need to find a unique quality for people to read your work, for people to choose you over the rest.

So instead of sulking about how many fish is already clamoring in a pond, go jump in and be the very best you in the open sea.

Have Your Eyes on the Prize

People might be naturally negative thinkers. Remember that one friend who thinks about the worst-case scenario always?

What if we get into a car accident when we go to that road trip? What if we get mugged when we buy that cellphone? What if we get dengue from the mosquitos in Palawan?

So much what ifs. Why not think about the advantages for once? If you ever get into your "Negatron-mode", imagine the wonders when you get your goals. Always have your eyes on the prize! This will help you still move forward despite the hardships.

Playing It Safe?

Playing It Safe?

Nothing is more comfortable than staying on your usual routine. Who wants to give that up? This may be a struggle for those with a convenient lifestyle in place.

But if we want to get more, we must be willing to give up the good for the great. Take note, we should WANT it. Not to be forced to do it just because people impose.

What do you enjoy most about the task? Are you willing to sacrifice wholeheartedly to be great in this next craft? Because no matter what great prizes await you, if you don't enjoy the suffering and the journey to get it, you will not get it.

Make sure to try first and check if you can be good at it. More or less, you can gauge if you can build a passion for it in the coming years.

Acknowledging Your Fears

Knowing that we have these fears is already winning half the battle. But don’t forget, half the battle is overcoming it. People get paralyzed with these fears and not move at all. But if we choose to ignore just to mobilize, the effects are much worse.

By avoiding this fear as if it didn't exist, you set up yourself up for failure. Ignoring it leads you to unconsciously sabotage yourself in the process.

You should acknowledge your fear. By simply acknowledging your fear, you avoid self-sabotage because you know that it is still okay to work even while feeling it. It makes you aware of your current state. And afterward, you can consciously address you fear one step at a time. You should own your fear, not the other way around.

So should you wait for the remnants of fear to be gone? A glaring No! As the saying goes, courage is not the absence of fear, it's having fear but doing it anyway.

Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

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Fear is not only caused by ourselves but by other people as well. We have big dreams or at least something we want to try. But not everyone is really happy to see us do it.

These people may not necessarily hate us (because most are family and friends), they just don't want us to be hurt. If you really want to pursue this pathway, it's best to find the right support group.

We all have fears when we start something new, but with the right support group, it will spell how easy you can overcome such anxieties.

Find people or, perhaps, mentors who are in your field. Most likely, they have experienced what you're going thru. They are like walking shortcuts to the results you want to happen.

Surrounding yourself with the right people will surely make the journey lighter and manageable.

What if You Ultimately Fail?

In the end, we can't possibly win every battle. We are destined to fail multiple times. And know for a fact that you won over your fears for just trying. It is much better than living with regrets.

But even with this, we should not dwell on failure that long. You can cry if you must. But what's important is learning from your failure. I really like what the late Steve Jobs said:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

You’ll never know. This failure you have just experienced is just a precedent to the great things you are about to do in the future.

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