7 Fitness Hacks for Freelancers Who Have No Time


One of the things that probably excites you most about freelancing is that finally, you’ll have more time to exercise and achieve fitness goals. But because you’re so good at what you do, projects kept coming in. Then there’s your other personal responsibilities and engagements to take care of, too.

Freelancing allows you to manage your own time. There’s a catch though: if you don’t manage your time well, it will always feel like you don’t have enough time for some things, including exercise. And slowly but surely, you’ll find yourself becoming more sedentary now that you’re working from home.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though! Even if you can’t hit the gym, there are still ways for you to stay healthy and fit at home. Check out these 7 fitness hacks that anyone can commit to.



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Squeeze in Desk Stretches

As freelancers and work-at-home workers, we are usually glued to our computers for many hours in a day, since most of us have online jobs. Stretching is probably the last thing on your mind, but it’s also the easiest to incorporate into your daily schedule.

Desk stretches can relieve your body of the stress it gets from sitting too much. Check out this video for some stretches you can try—right now!




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Wake Up Early

What could be nicer than sleeping in especially on cold mornings? Well, here’s what’s nicer: having more time to do things, including exercise. Usually, the reason why you feel like you always don’t have enough time is that you start your day late. Once you quit hitting that snooze button, you can begin your day with a workout and still have time for work later, or vice versa.



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Go Out and Walk

Working from home means not having to commute and travel daily, but too much of anything is bad. Don’t be a total hermit! Go out and walk whenever you can. Whether it’s an intentional brisk walking session or a trip to the grocery store, make sure you get those legs working as much as possible.


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Build a Home Gym

Want to take your home workouts to the next level? If you have extra space in your home, why not build your own gym? You can scout for discounted exercise equipment during the holidays. What’s good about setting up your personal gym is that you can buy equipment you can actually use. When you subscribe to a commercial gym membership, you're paying for all of the amenities but get to use just one or two every visit.


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Try HIIT Workouts

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best solution if you want to get the most of the short time you can spare for working out. HIIT is a training technique wherein you’ll have to give as much energy as you can in quick workout intervals. When you wake up early, you can already jumpstart your day with a 20-minute HIIT to get you energized for the entire day. Here are some moves to get you started.


Work Out on Sundays

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I’ll start exercising next week” and never got to do so because your work keeps on piling up? Surely, you have at least a day off and that’s likely Sunday. When you set your mind to starting your workout routine on a weekday, it’s highly likely you won’t be able to keep it up because of your work and other unexpected activities. Exercising on Sundays can motivate you to continue throughout the entire week!


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Follow a Schedule

The only way you can have time to exercise is to actually make time for it. Start by waking up early and choosing a time in the day to do at least a 20-minute workout. Then, follow your schedule regularly. There are exercise reminder apps that you can use to help you get used to the routine, too!

Do you have other fitness hacks to share? Feel free to comment them down below!


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