7 Fancy Holiday Gifts Ideas Without Hurting Your Wallets

7 Fancy Holiday Gifts Ideas Without Hurting Your Wallets - Paystaff

It’s that time of year again where you must face the challenge and struggle of finding the perfect gifts for the people you care about. Finding a suitable gift is never easy, especially if you are one who likes to put some thought into the presents you give. Even the gift wrap has to be simply chic.

Check out these gift ideas and see if you can match them with the names of special people in your list:


Reusable Metal or Bamboo Straws

This is a very good gift you can give especially to friends who want to help get rid of single-use plastics that is pestering our environment. Last year, I bought a small metal straw at PHP 100 and the big bamboo straw at PHP 200 at a local café. This trend is becoming more famous because this particular advocacy can help get rid of plastics that are proving to be terrible to nature. A fancy gift plus saving the environment? Yes, please!


Holiday Gifts Ideas - Plants - Paystaff

Image Credit: TheGardeningCook.com


There are just so many plants you can choose from. The now-trendy succulents on charming ceramic vases are such appealing gifts for you to give. I just bought a cute vase with a 5-inch jade plant for PHP 100 only. You can also give indoor plants that can help improve the air quality such as the Peace lily, Mother in law’s tongue, Spider plant, Ficus/Weeping fig, Boston fern, Bamboo palm, and yes even the Aloe Vera.


Holiday Gifts Ideas - Rattan & Nito coasters - Paystaff

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Rattan & Nito coasters

These are locally-made glass coasters made of rattan and nito that is sold in department stores, souvenir shops, and even online. I got mine from the showroom of a factory that makes/sells them at PHP 50 per coaster. Sometimes they even sell those that didn’t pass the export standards at a very low price yet you can’t even see the deficiency.


Holiday Gifts Ideas - Coin Purses or Wallets - Paystaff

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Coin Purses or Wallets

Coin purses are a fine present to give and depending on the design, which can be for both men and women. There was a time when I made coin purses out of the spare textile and customized it to have a small handle to secure the purse on one’s finger when opening. Personally made gifts are especially delightful as gifts.


Holiday Gifts Ideas - Pillowcases - Paystaff

Image Credit: Rageon.com


There are many different designs that you can pick for the particular person you want to give it to. It’s very easy to find, very handy, and definitely won't hurt your pockets.


Holiday Gifts Ideas - Tote Bags- Paystaff

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Tote Bags

Tote bags that are large with parallel handles and can easily be folded. This kind of bags can be used as extra bags when one goes shopping or even groceries. I am fond of bringing eco-bags that I use when doing some shopping or groceries and this allows me to say no to plastic bags instead ask them to just place the item in my tote bag.


Holiday Gifts Ideas - Mason Jars - Paystaff

Image Credit: Kohls.com

Mason Jars

This glass container can now be bought not only from specialty shops but also in big department stores. You can buy one and some small stuff that you could place inside, put in a nice ribbon on its cap and it can already serve as your special gift.

What can add more appeal to your gifts are the materials you used for wrapping them. You can actually use ribbons and wrappers out of recycled materials. Sometimes a nice handkerchief could serve as an extraordinary wrapper which serves as another gift at the same time. I actually save a great deal during the holiday season since I use wrappers and ribbons from various purchases made earlier.


With that, I hope you can give meaningful and fancy (!) gifts to your friends this Holiday season.

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