6 Tips to Make an Impressive CV for Your Freelancing Career


In our job and client hunting, the single most important document we should have is our curriculum vitae (CV).  Alongside your stunning LinkedIn profile, it's your weapon to nab that dream job and client you're longing for.

What is a Curriculum Vitae?

A Curriculum Vitae is Latin for "the course of my life". It encompasses our academic and career achievements.

Strictly speaking, you use a resume for general job applications and a curriculum vitae for academic positions in the US or Canada. But in the Philippines, a CV and a resume don’t differ. In fact, other countries also interchange the usage of these two words.

In general, watch this informative video for the principles behind a powerful CV in Canva.

But technicalities aside, how do you create an impressive CV? Do we just list everything? Well, the answer would depend. Creating an impressive CV is not a simple as it seems. Here are 6 tips to make that impressive CV for your freelancing career.


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Have The Proper Mindset

Your CV is like a tool to market yourself to your prospective clients. And in marketing, you should ask yourself, what does my client want? What do I want my employer to think about me after reading my CV?

Think about it. In their shoes, what kind of freelancer or employee do they want to hire for the job? You can find clues in their job posting. Keep this in mind when writing your CV. It will help you choose what to include in your CV.


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Tailor Fit Your CV to the position You're Applying For

You do not need to put your autobiography in your CV. Remember, if your applying for an engineering job, only include engineering entries. I know you are good at cooking. But I don't think it would matter when you're flaunting your engineering prowess.


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Most Important information Should Stand Out From the Rest

Most likely, your target client will just skim through a lot of applicant CVs. When drafting your CV, you should highlight the important details. And let it stand out from the rest.

You don't want them to miss crucial information about you just because you cluttered your CV with unnecessary stuff. Again, think about what they want and adjust accordingly.


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Be Creative with Your CV's format

And speaking of standing out, your CV's should not be plain and boring like before. Add a dash of creativity to increase your chances of getting the job.

But what if you don't have any idea as to the format? Or worse, what if you lack the innate talent to make one?

Worry not. You can check out Canva's resume formats to help you write your CV. Check out this video also for a tutorial on how to use it:


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Avoid Meaningless Buzzwords

Are you a passionate expert who is motivated and focused on the job at hand? This statement, my friend, is now held meaningless because of the overused buzzwords.

Words such as expert, passionate, motivated, and focused does not contain the weight they used to have. They are rendered like white noise now because people just overuse them. Avoid if you want to make your CV as compelling as possible.

If you want to know other buzzwords and clichés you shouldn't use at present, check out this guide for more.


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Check Your CV for Errors

You should not pass a CV with a lot of grammatical errors. I mean, no one is perfect. But, what would it say about you? Your CV is shouting: "I don't double check my work. I rush things. I am not competent."

So before you send it out, make sure it is spotless. Try applications such as Grammarly to check common errors. You can also check this guide for common CV mistakes you should avoid.


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Be Honest!

This might be common sense. But it may not be common to people. This is the worst thing you can do. Your CV might show stellar accomplishments. And yes you can get hired.

But if you lied about it, it will ultimately be found out. Do not assume that companies do not check what you had written.  They are more careful now. You don't want to risk it and be blacklisted for future endeavors. Be honest!

It's Now Time to Create Your CV

There is no perfect CV. You just need to tailor fit what you have to your prospective job or client.  With these tips, I hope you can craft your CV to get those clients! Good luck with your client hunting!

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