6 Social Media Predictions You Should Watch Out For in 2019


In most businesses today, social media is now an integral part of our marketing efforts. More and more people ditch television and print as we consume more content on the Internet thru social media.

The good thing is, it's way cheaper than traditional marketing and produces more conversion. And if that's not enough, you can watch this video for 3 reasons why digital marketing destroys traditional marketing.


The bad thing is, the evolution of social media marketing is insanely fast-paced.  What we know today might not be effective tomorrow. Thus, we need to be up to date with the upcoming trends in social media marketing. Here are social media predictions you should watch out for in 2019.


The Clamor for Authenticity_ Meaningful Engagement

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The Clamor for Authenticity: Meaningful Engagement

2018 is stricken with numerous social media scandals. Amidst the privacy issues (Hello Cambridge Analytica) and the proliferation of fake news, people are not as trusting anymore.

It is not enough to just entice your customers with clickbait or promo codes. You need to have meaningful engagement with your target market. Creating a community with relevant content and sharing insights is now key to your business' social media growth.


Paystaff_Video Will Be on The Rise

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Videos Will Be on The Rise

The social media channels right now prefer video over images. More and more people go over the Internet to watch their favorite shows and consume media. With this trend, major social media platforms want to capitalize on this upcoming video trend.

Studio quality videos are not a requirement. But you need to create video content as early as now to be ready for the future.


Paystaff_You Don't Need All the Social Media Networks.

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You Don't Need All the Social Media Networks

Currently, we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and so on and so forth. But in 2019, you can just focus on the social media platform that drives the most result.

If your main clients are businesses, maybe you should focus on Linkedin. If it's retail, maybe Instagram is better. You have to find the best platform for you and be the best you can be at marketing there.


Paystaff_No New Players Will Take Off for 2019

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No New Players Will Take Off for 2019

Gone are the days of unicorn start-ups making it in the social network field. The social media giants right now can just copy that "unique" feature of a social media newcomer and kill it off slowly. (Just look at the declining Snapchat population)

With this, you are safe with just focusing your efforts in the major social media platforms.


Paystaff_Likes and Shares Won't Mean as Much

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Likes and Shares Won't Mean as Much

Remember the need to create meaningful engagement with your followers? With this, likes and shares wouldn't mean as much.

I mean clicking the like button or share button has no effort. With comments (and I'm talking about meaningful ones, not the spamming type), you are connecting more to your audience.


Paystaff_You Need to Solidify Your Brand. You Might Even Do Offline Events.

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You Need to Solidify Your Brand. You Might Even Do Offline Events

I might turn into a broken record. But Authenticity is a problem in social media sites nowadays. A lot of dubious organizations use the platform for misinformation campaigns.

With this, social media networks focus on brands. Why? Because as a brand, you are less likely to churn out fake news. You will be protective of your identity and integrity, which you worked hard to build.

In 2019, you need to go out of your way to build your brand. Think outside the box. You might even need to do offline events to strengthen it.


Social media marketing is here to stay. With these predictions, you are prepared to tackle your marketing efforts for 2019. Good luck!


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