6 Clients You Will Meet in Freelancing Hell

Paystaff - 6 Clients You Will Meet in Freelancing Hell

The journey to successful freelancing is not all rainbows and butterflies. It's actually quite hard. You are your own boss now. You have to find your clients to sustain your lifestyle.

And when you finally found a couple of clients, you can be shocked with as not everyone is heaven sent. In fact, you will meet demonic incarnates that you wished you didn't contract with.

Check out how to deal with them in this video:

So just in time for Halloween, let me warn you about 6 clients you will meet in freelancing hell.

Paystaff - how to spot a bad client Charlie, the Cheapskate

Charlie, the Cheapskate

Well, well. In our freelancing career, you will always find people who think we are that cheap. Meet Charlie, the Cheapskate. He scours the freelancer market with multiple demands.

He demands that you manage his Facebook page, create blog articles daily, interact with his audience, edit the sales copy, and much more all for the staggering price of $1 per day! It's enough to make a legal complaint. It's borderline slavery. And some Charlies may even be worse. They would offer you this alluring "exposure" or prospect of "future profit sharing" just so you can be his slave.

And do you get paid? No. You might be struggling, but you don't have to struggle more with pennies. So beware. Draft your contract for proper prices or just find some clients elsewhere.

Paystaff - how to spot a bad client Clueless Chloe

Clueless Chloe

Clueless Chloes, much worse than those Cheapskate Charlies. These fine lady (or men) tend to ask you for suggestions for everything. And I mean everything.

They don't know what they want. They don't have any preference. "You decide what to do" is their memo of choice. And after you gave it your all, they don't like it. I mean, you should've told me what you wanted in the first place.

Now, you have to redo everything for free. Yikes! Ask them what they like. But if you don't understand what they want, better not take the project. We are here to produce quality output, not be mind readers.


Gary, the Disappearing Ghost (Without Payment)

Gary, be wary. He mastered the art of invisibility. They sound really ok to work with. They know what they exactly want. But comes to the payment after passing the work, he disappears. Just like that. You, my friend, have just been scammed.

There are countless dishonest people out there. Always negotiate how you are getting paid. You may suggest getting paid upfront or by milestones depending on the completion of the project. Some may irk on this idea, but it's better to lose a prospective client than not get paid for work done.

Learn more: Paystaff Payment Gateway for Freelancers

Do not make the mistake of sending the complete output without getting paid in full. And most of all, put your agreement into a contract. This may not be enough to ward off the disappearing Gary.

But at least, you did your due diligence.

Paystaff - how to spot a bad client The Speculative Spencer

Image Credit: TheRooster.com

The Speculative Spencer

When looking for a job, it's reasonable to give out a sample work related to the project. But some speculative spencer wants to "try" your services for let's say 2 weeks. The catch is this trial period is for free!

Afterward your speculative 2 weeks, you are left with just a thank you. Only to find out that he hired someone cheaper and used you for his groundwork.

I mean, we are here to make a living. If you want to know my capabilities, yes you can ask sample work. You can ask my portfolio. But if you want me to do trial work for two weeks (!), I expect to get paid.

Mario, the “Experienced” Micromanager

Image Credit: iStock

Mario, the “Experienced” Micromanager

Some of our clients have been in the same industry as ours. Past writers, designers, or whatever industry it might be. And they might know a little too much.

Mario, the micromanager has this suffocating aura that they know what you are doing. They “suggest” ways on how to do your job. And it goes to a point that they micromanage your every workflow because they are “experienced” in your field.

They think you are incompetent and their way is the right way. Ohh. They never make mistakes. So if you have these clients, just watch what you say. And find a way to do your job while you evade their micromanaging eyes.

Paystaff - how to spot a bad client Damon, the Demanding

Damon, the Demanding

If you can't infer in his name, these are demonic incarnates that suck your blood to dry. They are so demanding they want to get something, and they want it NOW.

After passing your work (in their exact specification), they badger you to revise everything for such a job badly done. They are always right. Nothing beats their glorious opinion, especially the ones coming from you lowly peasant.

I suggest finding another client. If you can't forego him because he constitutes most of your income, just endure the suffering and FIND OTHER CLIENTS ASAP. You will inevitably find these types of clients in our marketplace. Better be ready. You have been warned.

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May 2, 2019

Lets Add Profanity Ben lol! A client that use profanity all the time, will insult and cursed you when they feel to do it or when you fsiled to meet their expectation hahaha


Miko Eclipse

May 2, 2019

Nice addition! Hahahaha!


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