5 Unique Ways for Remote Couples to Spend Valentine’s Day

5 Unique Ways for Remote Couples to Spend Valentine’s Day - Paystaff

Now that February or the “Love Month” has begun, lovers are starting to think of new ways to celebrate their relationships. 

If you’re a freelancer whose partner also works from home, you’re probably scouring the Internet for ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. Don't give up the search. Here are 5 unique ways for remote couples to spend Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank:


Freelancer Go on a Mini-Vacation - Paystaff

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Go on a Mini-Vacation

You can always go somewhere near your home that’s interesting and fun. If you’re both into nature, you can plan a picnic in a park somewhere or go hiking or go to the beach. You don’t have to go too far. What matters is a change of scenery and break from your fast-paced freelance career. Just be sure to leave work behind and focus on enjoying each moment with your partner.


Freelancer Go on a Staycation - Paystaff

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Go on a Staycation

What you can do is book reservations for overnight accommodation at the fanciest hotel in your area that’s within your price range. Spend breakfast in bed and lounge at the pool all day. You don’t even have to leave your city. Just search for nearby hotels that allow you to get some R&R without having to hop on a plane or boat. What’s important is to have a change of pace. 

Additionally, you can check this valentines idea for more:



Freelancer Splurge on Dinner - Paystaff

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Splurge on Dinner

As freelancers, you’re probably used to eating with your partner at home every day. Shake things up by booking reservations at your favorite fancy restaurant. Then, on Valentine’s Day, wear your best suit and prettiest dress and have your Valentine’s dinner there. Your partner will surely thank you for this thoughtful idea.


Freelancer Go Out With Friends - Paystaff

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Go Out With Friends

If you and your partner both work from home, then you’re probably craving for some company – your friends and extended family, for instance. This Valentine’s Day, plan a party with your friends so you can go somewhere and celebrate this day of love with the people you love. You can exchange gifts, play some games, have so much fun, laugh ‘til your tummy hurts… The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and bask in the presence of the people who matter most to you. As a remote couple, this could be one of the most interesting days of your calendar year.


Freelancer Be Creative With Your V-Day Gift - Paystaff

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Be Creative With Your V-Day Gift

You don’t have to buy the most expensive jewelry or watch or whatever. Even the simplest of gifts, when created from the heart, will touch and inspire your partner. You can both agree to make something for each other without spending too much. Something thoughtful can bring joy even more than expensive gadgets or jewels.

Here are some gift ideas:



You don’t have to go overboard with your Valentine’s Day plans. Just keep in mind that you deserve a special day away from your routine and workday. So go ahead and plan that interesting Valentine’s Day date. You and your partner will surely enjoy each other’s company and you’ll grow to love each other even more.

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