5 Tricks Freelancers Use to Bring Back Some Creative Spark


You were already all set, sitting at your favorite spot to work and then when your fingers were on the keys, your mind goes blank. There’s just nothing there or sometimes, there’s too much there and you get confused where to begin.

There will be dull days. Lull moments where you can't any squeeze creative juice at all. How can you finish pending tasks of utmost importance?


As a freelancer, whether you’re a writer, a web designer, programmer, web developer or whatever your field is, you need creative inspiration. Where do you get the stimulus to ignite once again that creative spark? Don't fret. Here are some of the suggested tricks so that can make magic as you use them:



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Take Some Rest

This could start from taking that long nap that you always miss. Or just wander around doing absolutely nothing. Give yourself days off because it is necessary for your wellbeing. And having this break can actually benefit you. 


You can tap in you diffused mode if you are at this phase. What do I mean? It's the time your subconscious mind wanders around to find solutions to the ideas you are focused about. Taking advantage of this while resting can have you both feeling refreshed and with a brand new creative idea!


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Free Your Mind

Sometimes, too many ideas and wandering thoughts can hamper you. If you are stuck on a thought or idea and your piece is still hovering, you need to get some focus. The mind can only absorb certain information or ideas. 

I remember that we are always encouraged to look at a glass half full as a way of having a positive outlook. In clearing your mind, however, you are to empty your cup so that new things can come in. Come to think of it, you can’t anymore add to a cup that is full.

That is the idea here. Clear your mind from distractions, unwanted thoughts, thoughts that you won’t need today and especially fears. How do you do it? Check this video out:


Finished the video? Yes! It's focused attention meditation. The brain wants to be focused on something all the time. Redirecting your attention provides you control over your thoughts. You just need to know how to do it.


When your mind is clear, it is easier for fresh ideas to flow in. It is clearer to look and pick up the thoughts for a particular aim.



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Take Notice of the World Around You to Spark Creativity

When you sit in a café with just your favorite coffee and cake, do you take notice of the people going in and out? Or looking at people just passing by, what they are wearing, or if they are smiling or pursing their lips?

When you take notice, you begin to appreciate the charm of every little thing you stumble upon. Like the antiquated look of a lamp post that’s just there every day and turns more striking towards the nightfall.

That skill in observation can stir creativity. You can use the small details of things with its colors, patterns, shapes, even smell and relate them to some ideas. Remember, big ideas can come from small pieces.



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Work Somewhere Else

Comfort zones can sometimes keep a tight rein on your thought flow.  When you’re seeing the same things every day or the same routine, it can be exhausting and boring. Boredom is creativity’s foe.

As most, if not all freelance writers work from home, it may reach a point that it becomes monotonous. That is why it is highly recommended that you take your work to another setting. Another ambiance. Maybe try coworking spaces even.

There’s that energy that refreshes you when you are in a different setting. It is this kind of detour or distraction that can spark our sleeping brain cells.



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Take a Trip

And why not take it to another level by traveling?

Augustine of Hippo said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” As reading expands your vocabulary and knowledge of the world, travel expands your experience and view of it.

Travelling can take you to many places and most of all experience adventures. The world is such a big place to explore. Take that trip and see the world in a different light. It is a certain reality that when you travel, you meet new people, you navigate certain paths, you discover new things, and you see the details in the coming and the going.

There are countless of times the greatest idea sprung from traveling. Howard Schultz found Starbucks by through travel. Steve Jobs' trip to India was integral to his "Think Different" mantra.

By the time you come back from your travels, your purse may be lighter but your heart and mind fuller.


If you’ve got some tricks that you’d like to share with the world, please leave your comments below. Who knows? You may just inspire a fellow freelancer to bring back some creative spark into their work lives. I really hope what we’ve shared will help you too. Good luck!


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