5 Tips to Upgrade Your Personal Brand for Your Career or Business

5 Tips to Upgrade Your Personal Brand for Your Career or Business

Building your personal brand is quite a daunting task. You need to put yourself out in the open. Show-off your skills. Even express some of your personal vulnerabilities to be relatable. Like my Introverted self, you might be hesitant to come out of your shell and spread your word.

But then, if you want to succeed faster in this online world, building a recognizable personal brand online is almost a must. Your personal brand should symbolize your reputation, core values, and, basically, who you truly are. It's the same when you see McDonalds or KFC. It shouts McBurgers and Finger-Licking-Good Drumsticks. When built well, this opens up to more opportunities to success.

If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, check out this Ted Talk by Tai Tran, the youngest person to be part of Forbes 30 under 30, about creating a purposeful personal brand.


But, it's easier said than done. Don't worry. Here are 5 tips to upgrade your personal brand for your career or business.


Be Authentic

Be Authentic

This may seem commonsensical. But a lot of online personalities project only the superficial and, worse, their fake image.

It's hard to keep up a lie. You need to watch out for what you’re saying with the fear of being exposed. I know you want to be this great person you perceive, but do not resort to deceit because you will be found out.

Remember, it's best to be authentic in your online persona. This will allow you to just be yourself when you engage with your followers.

I'm not saying you show your rowdy inner Miley Cyrus. Just show your true PG-appropriate self.

You must accept as early as now that some people would just hate you. Some will even hate you for no particular reason. You can't please everyone. So just be yourself and find the ones who will like you as who you are.


Know What's Out There

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Know What's Written Out There About You

Now, try to Google yourself. What posts do you see? Do you see a collage of presentable posts? Or do you get to relive your embarrassing wild night outs with your best buds?

You have to be careful. It's normal for people to check you out online. I mean for sure you have done it for your prospective blind dates. Companies do it as well to avoid working with crazy people.

You might just have a dark phase in the past. We all have. And your 16-year-old-self decided to post it all online. This can be embarrassing or can ultimately damage your reputation.

Again, be careful. You don’t want to be a controversial Milkshake Duck. Check your past posts. What needs to be taken down? Take some time off to clean your feed. And in the future, when you post, ask yourself, is this what I truly represent? Does my brand embody this statement?

If you answer to this every time you post, for sure you'll be fine in the long run.


Know Your Voice- Be an Expert in Your Field

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Know Your Voice: Be an Expert in Your Field

Having a successful personal brand requires you to give value to the market. And what better way than to share your expertise in the world. Are you good at digital marketing? Or perhaps you are an SEO virtuoso? Share content that will showcase your capabilities and help your followers.

Don't forget to incorporate your own unique voice and persona in your write-ups to be more recognizable as a brand. This may be trial and error at first until you find what works for you.

Having said that, the command in the topics and voice recall in these areas will certainly put you above the rest.


Be Consistent

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Be Consistent

After knowing who you are and what to do, strive to be consistent in your posts. This consistency relates to the voice you convey to your audience, the articles you post, and the frequency of your posting.

You don't need to flood your personal page with multiple entries per day. Over-posting can annoy some followers. What's important is that you post or engage in such a way that it contributes to your brand with the same persona in place. And choose a frequency you can stick to. If that's once a week, that's perfectly fine.

Also, you don't have to be all over every social media platform. Focus on 2-3 platforms and analyze your data from there. You can tweak your scheduled post with what works. Just remember, this consistency will give you a better chance to be recognizable in the future.


Actively Promote Yourself- Make Valuable Connections

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Actively Promote Yourself: Make Valuable Connections

The bane of every introvert or those with Imposter syndrome. We should establish the confidence to actually promote ourselves. Remember this, you can give value to the right people. You're not an obnoxious influencer basking on his/her self-proclaimed awesome "Me Me Me" world.

Promoting to our immediate circle of influence may not be enough. You must actively market yourself to the world.

Join groups and communities who might benefit from your content. And wholeheartedly share it to them. If you find other influential people in your field or just a share-worthy post, go ahead and promote other people as well.

Recognizing the work of others while sharing your own are mutually beneficial for both your new contact and yourself. You can tap into the market s/he has and s/he can tap into yours as well.

The collaboration with fellow influencers also develops your brand further. But building this relationship might take some time before they view you as an expert. At the very least, your industry buddies can give you advice or be your lifelong friends from this point forward.

With that, I bid you good luck with your personal branding efforts!


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