5 Tips to Market Your Freelancing Business To The World


Whether you like it or not, freelancing is a business. Alongside the freedom to do your work at your given time and the independence to do it anywhere comes with a price.  

Unlike a job, you can't expect money to just flow in every month. You need to find your clients! You need people to know that you are rendering services. Ultimately, you need to market yourself so that you can sustain this somewhat privileged lifestyle.

If you are the type who is shy to market themselves, take the principles in this video in mind to promote your freelance business without bragging:



But if it is essential, how do you market in today's digital world? Don't worry. Here are tips to market your freelancing business to the world.


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Utilize Social Media for Network Building: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and etc.

This might be obvious. But not a lot of people utilize social media. In business, it's who we know not what we know that counts. And what better way than to tap the millions of people connected in social media.

Gone are the days where we need to meet people in person just to find leads. Now, we can do business networking even if we don't leave our home.

Create your own facebook page. Use Instagram to connect with your niche. And don't forget LinkedIn. It is a goldmine for premium paying clients.

All you need is be discoverable and prominent in your chosen media. And you will surely land that constant flow of clients.


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Build Your Own Blog

The world is looking for competent individuals for their services. And you can show your command in your field by writing for your own blog.

Having this "personal home address" on the web will make it easier for people to find you. Publish a constant stream of useful and informational articles to rank in the field you've chosen in search engines. The goal is to be a repository of expert tips for people to go back again and again to you.

Becoming this expert will land you clients. Moreover, building a personal website can make incorporating ads in your social media easier for you.

The bottom line is you have more to gain from an updated blog. Better start writing to have a constant inflow of leads in your freelancing business.



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Write Guest Posts

If you want to tap a larger audience beyond your blog, you might want to consider writing a guest post. Guest blogging is basically writing a blog (as a guest) for other people's blogs.

This option might be more open when you get the authority on a certain niche or a just pretty d*mn good write up. With this content, the owner of the blog might be willing to give you access to their readers.

If the website has great credibility, you might boost not only your SEO rankings but also your influence in your field.


paystaff_Market_Build Client Relationships

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Do Good Work And Build Client Relationships for Referrals

If you have had some clients already, make sure that you deliver the best output you can and build good relationships with them. Nothing beats a referral as it already incorporated the trust of the referrer to you.

This word-of-mouth marketing is one of your most effective tools. And you don't even have to pay for it. Just give the best output to your client by helping them get what they exactly want.

In return, they give you your service fee and possibly access to their business network. If they haven’t yet, you can just plainly ask them for referrals. If you left a good impression, they might not give some referrals now, but there is a chance they might in the future.



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Set a Schedule for Marketing. Even if You're Busy

But even with this all, you might forget to market yourself, especially if you have so many deadlines in place.

You don't need to do the above every day. What's important is that you have a protected schedule for marketing incorporated in your week. Find a pocket of time that you can commit to.

If your schedule is really erratic, you can even change it every week. The important thing is you should have allocated time to market as much as possible. You wouldn't know who you might tap just by consistently marketing.

With that, I hope these habits and tips help prosper your marketing efforts. Cheers to a bountiful freelancing business ahead!


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