5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Filipino Freelancers

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Filipino Freelancers

Freelancing has risen from its former lowly status to what seems like the way of the future. Technology can now bridge the gap between your human capital requirements across continents.

We can now operate a thriving business with just a laptop and a trusty Internet connection! And as of today, even astronauts and engineers can be outsourced online! How cool is that?!

You know the benefits of a remote working business. But the questions is, if you're a start-up company or just plainly looking for outsourced talent, who should you hire?


The Filipinos Are One of The Best Talents

As individuals, we each have unique skills and personalities. And every nationality has their strengths and weaknesses. So I present my case to you, get the best freelancers by hiring Filipinos today! Just look at how this Youtube producer benefitted from hiring Filipinos:


I'm not generalizing but giving you the advantages of hiring my fellow brethren. Why waste time if you can scour the Filipino population first and, hopefully, already find who you're looking for?

With that, here are 5 reasons why you should hire Filipino freelancers.


Filipinos are Culturally Flexible

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Filipinos are Culturally Flexible

The hardest thing in employing foreign talent is the cultural disparity. It's difficult to adjust the manner of operating based on certain cultural norms that might be offensive to others.

Luckily, the Filipinos are culturally flexible.

We are colonized by many countries namely by the Spaniards, Americans, and the Japanese. Not to mention, the influence of Chinese communities and the fast-rising Korean Hallyu. Given this, we are readily adaptable to both the western and eastern culture. In fact, in a 2014 study, the Filipinos are regarded as "Global Citizens".

Filipinos are also exposed (and updated!) with every buzz on the Internet. You don't get to be the social media capital of the world for nothing. We know how to interact with different nationalities. And you will require just minor adjustments if you hire us (if any or at all).


English Proficiency at the Roof!

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English Proficiency up the Roof!

English is the universal language of the world. And we speak it like it's our own. Actually, 92% of the population can speak English really well. Some are so good they can even perfectly imitate a specific accent (for jobs in the call centers). You wouldn't even know that you're speaking to a Filipino.

The school system in the PH focuses more on English aptitude more than our mother tongue. Almost all subjects (except Filipino Classes of course) are thought with English that even foreigners who want to learn the language study here.

The advantage? You get to communicate your directives well. Again, almost no adjustment needed.


An Abundance of Highly Talented Individuals

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An Abundance of Highly Talented Individuals

And speaking of talents, the Philippines is proud of its high literacy rate. We are at 98% as of June 2018. And with the income disparity compared to the world, people are looking for other sources of income, especially those who are tech-savvy and highly skilled.

The quality of the output is on par with talents in the US or UK. It's like getting the same work at an affordable rate. If you need writers, engineers, graphic designers, and many more look no further because with got you covered.


Lower Costs

How affordable is affordable? The standard of living in the Philippines is relatively low. You can actually hire talents here for as low as $350 - $600 a month.

Assuming the quality of work is the same, why would you hire extra talent for twice to thrice the cost?

You might think that it’s a rip-off on their part. It's not actually demeaning for the Filipino freelancer because it might even be higher with what is offered by local companies. At $600 a month, you can already live comfortably, even with a maid at home (assuming you maintain a budget as well).

And the freelancers get to work remotely! No traffic, no braving floods, and they can even travel while working. So it's a win-win. Cost savings for you, more money for them. (But please don't rip them off.)


The Filipinos are Generally Positive, Loyal, and Fun to Work With

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The Filipinos are Generally Positive and Loyal

Have you seen Filipinos still smiling after a big catastrophe? Just look at the Typhoon Haiyan. Did you see the Filipinos cry and forsake the higher powers for punishing them?

No! A multitude of people embraced the supposed tragedy. Some even frolicked under the rain (not recommended though due to health reasons but you get my point). If you hire us, expect this utmost grit with demanding tasks. Facing all challenges with big smiles.

With this grit comes undying loyalty. We are very loyal to our employers who treat as well. The relationship built is stronger than some big offers from other companies. It's the concept of "utang na loob" or debt of gratitude for people who are good to them (but I hope you give raises too).


We Love to Have Fun!

And what's work without fun! Most Filipinos are really outgoing. With the frequent smiles comes unending laughter and good times.

We know how to celebrate. So if you get to meet your remote workers in person, expect to experience the Filipino hospitality we are famous for. (You'll be surprised how long we can sing our lungs out in Karaoke parties.)

We are not saying you will not have problems with Filipino talents. But in any business relationship, you will surely have one. So, why not have fun with it?

With that, we give you our thanks for considering Filipinos for your remote working team. Good luck with your business!


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