5 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Side Hustle Right Now

5 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Side Hustle Right Now

The gig economy is booming! The Filipino Freelancing Trend is poised to grow rapidly in the coming years. In fact, the Philippines is one of the countries that companies monitor for future expansion.

Arguably, we have the qualifications. We have the talent. But with so many opportunities at hand, why are you not taking advantage?

Fear? Don't know how to choose? Or you might just be putting it off. Stand up and get ready because these are 5 reasons why you need to start a side hustle right now.

Extra Time Used Well

Most likely, we have chunks of free time during the day or the week. It's either we spend it on something productive or we use everything for relaxing. I'm not saying taking your time-off is a bad thing. But do you really have to use everything to unwind?

Not everyone wants extra income. But if you're not happy with your financial situation, better reconsider. Sit down and check your schedule for the week. Do you have pockets of free time you can use for freelancing?

If you find an extra 5-15 hours per week, this might be a good starting point. But if you don't have time at all, better reevaluate because you need time for something to change. You might be wasting most of your time or you might be trapped in a toxic workplace.

For what it's worth, the hours you invest in your side hustle can mean a few extra bucks or something life changing for you and your family.

Financial Security- Jobs and Business Building are Not as Stable as Before

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Financial Security: Jobs and Business Building are Not as Stable as Before

The times are changing. The stability of the economy is not as it once was. You may have a flourishing business or career today. But if it's your only source of income, you are in a very risky situation. You want to be protected by having multiple sources of income.

A side gig can help you with just that. Just in case a disaster happens, you can have a steady cash inflow on top of your emergency funds. It provides the financial security in these tumultuous times.

You Can Reach Your Financial Goals Faster

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You Can Reach Your Financial Goals Faster

Aside from a financial peace of mind, the extra cash can go a long way.

If you have debt, you can use the income to repay it faster. Furthermore, the extra income can help hasten your planned investments or your emergency fund (if you don't have already). Or if you’re eyeing that big-ticket item, fund your doodad with your freelance income.

Whatever it may be. With a freelance job, you can reach your financial goals faster.

You'll be Developing New Skills that Can Lead to New Opportunities

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You'll be Developing New Skills that Can Lead to New Opportunities

If we are stuck in our jobs or business, we usually don't get to learn new skills outside the realm of our job description. We are left stagnating in our own desks.

We can remedy that by doing a side hustle. A side hustle can hone new talents. You may not know yet, but these talents might be proven useful in your business or career.

The late Steve Jobs didn't know Calligraphy would be useful in his Software Development. But if not for the extra skill he learned, our computers wouldn't have pleasing fonts as of today. As his saying goes, we can only connect the dots looking backward.

So try freelancing for skills you are good at (or learning to be good at), you'll never know where it can take you. The opportunities are endless! It might even be bigger than what you currently have today.

Exposure And Business Networking

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Exposure And Business Networking

Personal branding is important to further your career. But even with your well-curated Facebook profile or Instagram feed, nothing beats networking with new people.

With your job, you’re just constantly surrounded by people in your industry. Once you go freelancing, you are now faced with a new set of colleagues and clients. Every new friend you meet is a gateway to possible future clients or business partners. Aside from the pay, getting that side gig might magnify your influence and benefit your business and career in the long run.

An Opportunity to Do What You Love

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An Opportunity to Do What You Love

Lastly, our jobs might not exactly be our passion. This can make life without purpose and dragging. But on the other hand, doing what we like full-time might not pay the bills. It's dangerous to do what you love while you starve to death.

The compromise? Yes, a freelance gig! Now, you can use your spare time to do what you really love. This will make you more happy and productive not only in your regular job but also in your life in general.

Follow your passion by doing a side hustle. And have a life well-lived.

But Before You Do...

While freelancing is a good career move, you have to check with your company first if you can do it. You want to get a side hustle without getting fired. For those with bosses who are iffy about the idea, you can show them the advantages of allowing your employees to freelance.

If all is settled, it's the time to embark on your freelancing journey. Have fun!


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