5 Qualities to Look For When Deciding to Send Money from Australia to the Philippines


Whether you are an Australian business who has Filipino freelancers, an OFW sending money to the Philippines, or you just need to send money to the Philippines for whatever reason, looking for the best option is a daunting task.

With all the options out there, what is best for you? After all, remittance companies aren't created equal. They have strengths and weaknesses. Check out this video on money transfer explained:


I can't really tell you the ultimate best for you. But having said that, we should have parameters to choose the best for our needs. Here are 5 qualities to look for when deciding to send money from Australia to the Philippines.



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Low Transaction Fees

Almost everyone wants to make the most out of their hard-earned money. And high transaction fees will stop our recipients from enjoying the most out of it. With that, we should check the transaction fees charged to us when sending money.

There are two kinds of transactions fees, either variable or fixed. Variable fees are charged based on a percentage of the amount you are sending (and some also charge fees for both sender and receiver).  

For example, if you will send $500 with a variable charge of 2%, the transaction fee would be $10.

On the other hand, fixed charges are as the name itself, fixed. So for the example above, some remittance companies might charge a fixed rate of $7 for every transaction. Paystaff, a payments solutions platform for Australian companies with Filipino freelancers, offers such low rates. And you can even use the online calculator on the website to know EXACTLY how much you will be sending beforehand.

Generally, percentage fees are more expensive because it increases as the amount increases. So know how much you will be sending and be guided accordingly.



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High Forex Rates

Don't be fooled with Zero Fees. Some companies present this but convert your money at really low exchange rates. Watch out. Check out their daily calculator because even if they have no fees, you might still get a lower amount.



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AUSTRAC Registered

In Australia, the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre or AUSTRAC monitors financial transactions to identify and deter money laundering, tax evasion, organized crime funding. and terrorism funding. 

They set strict compliance requirements for remittance companies before they can operate in Australia. 


If you are looking for ways to send money, they should be AUSTRAC registered. This is a must. Search their company name in the AUSTRAC database here.



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Multiple Delivery Options

Not everyone has a bank account in the Philippines. In fact, according to BSP, 77% of Filipinos are still unbanked. How can you use bank-transfer-only to someone without a bank account?

A cash pick-up or door-to-door option might be more economical for the person you are sending it too. And Paystaff also got that covered for you. 



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Timeliness & Reliability

Filipinos often rely on the timeliness of their remittance needs. The money they will receive usually is for urgent family expenses or some emergency. But even if it's not urgent, you don't want them to receive their pay after 1 week or worse, half a month, isn’t it? 

You must check their lead time. Better yet, check the comments regarding their company. It might give clues to the company's overall reliability.



These are some of the qualities you need to look for a remittance company when you send money to the Philippines.

But then, you might need a more customized service when you send money to your Filipino staff. Paystaff is your reliable and secure payment platform with competitive Forex Rates designed just for you. 

We cater our services only to Australian Businesses with Filipino remote workers. We know your needs. And experiencing the best payment platform is just one click away. Registration is just a breeze. You just have to accomplish this form. That's it.

Visit the Paystaff website for more information.


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