5 Isolated Reasons Why You Should Stay in a Toxic Company

5 Isolated Reasons You Should Stay in a Toxic Company

We spend most of our time in our work. In a typical morning, we wake up in the wee hours to prepare for the hour-long commute (at least in the Philippines).

Upon arrival, we are faced with the terrors of the office. Gossip Mongers at the pantry, impossible deadlines, and the tyrannical boss who micromanages us to productivity oblivion.

If you find these 8 definitive signs, you might be in a toxic workplace. I tell you we are not meant to live most of our lives in this noxious environment. Our physical and mental health is at stake. So when should you change your job? Immediately if I may surmise.

But there are rare instances for staying in a toxic company. I know! I am surprised as well. Before you close this window out of utter disgust, give me a chance to give you 5 isolated reasons why you should stay in a toxic company.

Only One Person is Toxic

Only One Person is Toxic

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Our perception of toxicity may vary. But if you find that the cause of such despair is just one person, better consider staying first and resolve the situation.

Try talking to the person. Most likely, this is just miscommunication issue that can easily be dealt with. Have an open discussion about each other's issues. You might not like being micromanaged or your manager might not be aware that s/he is being like this to you.

The point is to find a compromise so that you can harmonize work together. Don't let one person deny you of the opportunity because of their toxicity.

You Can Transfer to Another Team

You Can Transfer to Another Team

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But if your unit team is toxic, it's difficult to handle being poisoned every day. Try checking out if you have an option to transfer teams. In a company, toxic groups may be present but there are still teams who are like an oasis in a desolate place.

If you really advocate the work that you’re doing, try transferring to another team. It might prove to be a lifesaver before resigning.

The Work Opens Doors to Better Opportunities and You Have a Deadline

The Work Opens Doors to Better Opportunities and You Have a Deadline

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I am a CPA by profession. But I did not practice in the lucrative profession because I really wanted to do business and travel. But to describe a normal pathway for CPAs in the Philippines, we usually end up in really high-pressure borderline sleep depriving first jobs before we can rake in the dough.

We usually start off in auditing firms where we literally just go home to change clothes and go back to the office after an all-nighter. This work can take its toll on our mental and physical health with the intense deadlines we need to finish. And the pay is not really that high. You’re being paid with the prestigious Audit firm in your resume.

We sacrifice our body and soul because of the market value and the skills we achieve by being in this rigorous training ground. True enough. The offers that my friends got are really high up the echelon.

So if you are thinking about leaving your toxic job, ask yourself, would my job allow me to snatch better opportunities in the future? Would it connect me to mentors that are important in my career progress? Because if you have a deadline, you better not resign yet.

You're in a Position to Influence Change

You're in a Position to Influence Change

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If toxicity if rampant in the whole organization, it's almost a given to jump ship and spend your time elsewhere. But your decision might change if you can actually impact change.

If you're in the position to influence change, why not try to fix your unit first. If you're the manager or, better yet, higher up, try to implement rules that can lessen the toxic culture. Maybe do something fun with your team like a team dinner/karaoke after a gruesome week. Or have rules like no "work text weekend". Be creative.

If you managed to fix your team's state, why leave? Your leadership can go a long way.

There are Signs of Improvement in the Organization

There are Signs of Improvement in the Organization

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No company is perfect. There are times when you need to run trial and error. And this imperfection can even impact our work culture.

At the start, our manager's might not be adept to create a conducive working environment. Yes, they can produce results but it's just too damn cutthroat. After seeing the high-turnover rate, the company might improve the toxic workplace. But not all truthfully push through.

But in instances that they actually did improve (or at least trying), there is still hope. Are they bringing out 3rd party mediators to fix your company's culture? Are the toxic people being held accountable? Is your boss giving effort for change?

If you really love what you're doing, and the company is doing their part to elicit change, it might be worth it to give it chance.


In the end, finding the best job for you is a lifelong journey. These are just leeways before you really leave. But be careful, you only have one life to live. Better choose work that will give you not only sustenance but also happiness in the long run. Good luck!

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