5 Facebook Groups Every Australian Work-From-Home Mum Should Join

Facebook groups are in abundance nowadays. A quick search and you’ll definitely find groups related to your interests, profession or business. Joining the right groups can help you get the right kind of support.

It also gives you the chance to expand your network and explore opportunities. Check out this video for tips on how you can gain friends and effectively maximise your stay in Facebook groups:


Facebook groups, unlike Facebook pages, are focused on community building rather than business promotion and marketing. While community building is a marketing strategy utilised by many businesses nowadays, you’ll find FB groups that are created by people, for people.


We Need to Be Part of a Group

Work from home mums, in particular, need to juggle between taking care of their family and managing their freelance business or attending to their remote work.

All of these combined can be quite overwhelming at times, and it would help to join communities of like-minded people with whom you can share ideas and opportunities.

Not all Facebook groups are created equal, though! If you’re in the hunt for Facebook groups that support Australian work from home mums, I’ve already done the digging for you. Here are 5 Facebook groups you can join to get support, advertise your business, and find new opportunities.


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Work From Home Mums of Australia

Created about three years ago by Jasmin Charles, Work From Home Mums of Australia now has 3,720 members. The public group lets members post job and business opportunities. It also encourages networking among members.

If you want to get updated on the latest work from home and business opportunities, then this group should also be on your list!


Work From Home Mum’s Australia

Work From Home Mum’s Australia aims to encourage camaraderie among its almost 1,000 members. Established about three years ago, the group’s primary goal is to “motivate, not sell.”

However, it does not prevent members from posting about their work and businesses, as well as sharing job and income opportunities. This way, the group poses itself as an effective support group among freelance business owners.


Australian Work at Home Mums & Dads

This is one of the older Facebook groups that invite both work from home mums and dads. It currently has over 4,000 members. Created seven years ago, Australian Work at Home Mums & Dads is managed by dedicated admins who carefully check all profiles before adding them to the group to make sure that there are no fake accounts. They also monitor the posts to keep spams and scams at bay.

So as long as you have legitimate and pure intentions, you are free to post about your business in this group and expand your network in the process!


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Stay at Home Mums Australia Business Advertising

This 5-year old group is exclusive to Australian members who are looking for businesses to join and new opportunities to try. Likewise, business owners are also encouraged to promote their businesses in the group. Stay at Home Mums Australia Business Advertising is a closed group, so you can expect members and posts to be adequately screened and moderated.


Mums Starting Small Businesses - Support Group (Australia)

Established just a year ago, this closed group proves to be a successful one. It now has more than 5,000 members. Mums Starting Small Businesses - Support Group (Australia) was created by Miranda Kate. The group was created to support mums who are looking to start their own small business or are already in the process of growing one.

The group encourages its members to ask questions, request for feedback, share tips, promote their social media pages and websites. Members are also free to vent out and at the same time, to lift each other up, of course.



Can you think of other Facebook groups that aim to support work from home mums and mumpreneurs in Australia? Share them with us in the comments below!


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