5 Amazing Lessons I Learned From Aussie Clients While Freelancing

5 Amazing Lessons I Learned From Aussie Paystaff_Clients While Freelancing

As a freelancer, I’ve been blessed to work with a myriad of Australian clients. And you can learn a lot from them. Just look at their quirky Australian slang (and this is legit):


Culture shock? Right! And aside from this, they’ve introduced me to a new work ethic where I embrace both professionalism and this laid back attitude that Aussies have. Here are 5 amazing lessons I learned from my Aussie clients:



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Take Constructive Criticism: Keep on Growing

While their attitudes have been positive and very supportive, I learned this very important lesson from my Aussie clients – do not take things personally.

Aussies are quite direct with their criticisms. But please note that this is not a personal attack on you. Open up and tell them what you have in mind. Do not wallow at the corner just because you were called out.

And opening up is not only for criticisms to you. It's two-way. Please do call out some of the ideas that you think can improve more. With this open communication, you and your company will be in a cycle of upward growth.


Develop Your Skill Set

Part of that growth is to develop my skills set. A lot of Australian clients have evolving needs over time. Take the constant effort to develop your existing skills and embrace new ones that will help you serve your clients better. Keep growing as a person and as a virtual professional.

Your skills should grow each day. Take new online lessons, join networking groups and seminars, mingle with your peers and learn from them. You'll never know what skill might be in demand in the future.



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Freelancing Requires Commitment, Discipline, and Professionalism

And this growth is coupled with commitment and discipline. You can't apply the negative Filipino habits like Filipino time and "Mañana Habit". You should be disciplined enough to schedule your tasks and deadlines. And inform them whether you can't make it or not.

This innate professionalism will bring you to newer heights.



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Build and Protect Your Reputation

This brings me to my next point. As a freelancer, you need a stellar online reputation. And this doesn't come instantaneously. You need to consistently improve and deliver quality work so that your clients, both new and old, can recommend you to their peers. 


You Can Be Laid Back While Being Productive

Lastly, the laid back culture that Aussies have has rubbed off on me. They taught me not to take myself – or my work – too seriously and to always have fun along the ride. No matter what I was doing or what tasks got me burdened, you can always find a way to relax and unwind.

I used to take things too seriously, my perfectionism running amok. But now I’ve chosen to accept myself – flaws and all – so that I’m able to face each day with a positive attitude that makes me ready for anything. 

And surprisingly by doing this, I became more productive more than ever. I even surpassed myself in my output. How cool is that? All it takes is a balance.


For sure, this is not an exhaustive list. Do you have any freelancing lessons you learned from Aussies that you’d like to share? 

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