5 Advantages of Running a Completely Remote Business


With the number of freelancers continuously growing, more and more businesses are embracing the opportunities that come with hiring remote workers. Even freelancers can turn their side hustle into a full-scale remote business, making themselves their own boss!

If you can't decide whether going fully remote is right for your business or not, read on and let the following perks perk you up! 


People Recruitment and Management is Cheaper

When you go remote, you can ditch the expensive office and save a lot in overhead costs. With the money you'll save, you can hire good talents and give them attractive compensation packages. On the one hand, you can also use the money for scaling your business further. 

Check out this video on the cost (and benefits) of having a remote workforce:




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You Get Access to Wider—Worldwide—Talent Pool

When you scout for remote workers, you won’t be limited to applicants in your location. Furthermore, should you want to hire someone outside of your city, state, or country, both of you won’t have to deal with relocation. After all, not everyone will be willing to do so and relocation will mean extra expenses.

When you run a completely remote business, your talent pool is basically the entire globe!



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There’s Work-Life Balance for Everyone

Work-life balance is among the primary reasons why skilled talents leave the corporate setup and get into the freelance trend. As a business owner, you can also enjoy the same when you switch to remote management. 

Like your work from home employees, you can also live your life while still performing your own tasks. You can enjoy a more flexible schedule and you won’t be limited to the eight-to-five scenario. 

Managing your business remotely also means that on most days, you won’t have to leave your home office. You can use the time you'll save to do more important things for your business. 

Overall, you will feel less stressed and more accomplished at the same time!



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Everyone Can Work Anywhere

Every once in awhile, you might need to go out of town or out of the country, whether it's for business or personal commitments. However, as a business owner, you'll find that you rarely have a complete time off. Most likely, you’ll have to check in on your team, approve outputs, and assign tasks from time to time. 

One of the good things about being in a remote business is that everyone in your organization is already aware of the setup. The entire team can get the dice rolling regardless of where everyone is currently at. On your part, you won’t have to wait until you’re back in town to perform your management and leadership tasks.


Overall Better Productivity and Efficiency

With little to no time wasted on daily commute, improved work-life balance, and healthier minds and bodies, many remote workers become more productive and efficient compared to when they were still working in an office. And in the business perspective, this means being able to maximize the time and money that you invest in your people. 

Granted, you’re likely to encounter bumpy roads along the way as you build your remote business, but really, what venture doesn’t have any? So, are you ready to dig in? You can get started by preparing these 5 essentials.


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