4 Things You Should Not Worry About When You Want to Change Careers or Freelance


In our careers, it might be inevitable to switch jobs. I mean. Our goals change. Back then, we might just want experience from the first (!) employer or client we get.

Now, we might be either preparing for our future family. You might be stuck in a toxic environment. Or like me, you might even want to become a digital nomad and travel the world.

I say to you, this is perfectly normal. It is ok to change jobs. But quite a lot of people get stuck because they overthink things before making the move. I insist you watch this TED Talk about  "Career Change: The Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Now" 



Remember, non-decision or doing nothing is a decision in itself. The time could've been spent taking action. This delays you from moving forward. With that, these are things you should not worry about when you want to change careers.



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How Can I Know That This is the Right Career? If Make a Mistake, I Lose Time.

Well, this is right. If you try something for a few weeks or months, you lose precious time when you don't like it. But don't you also lose time if you found out that you would love it?

The point is, you will never know. You will only know that it's for you or not if YOU TRIED IT. You don't want the nagging "what-ifs" to haunt you. Instead of getting stuck because of the fear of making a career mistake, jump in! Embrace the uncertainty for the things you really want.

But of course, you can start lightly by trying a freelance career part-time first. If you build enough clients or at least the confidence, that might be the proper time to do freelancing fulltime.



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Am I Good Enough For This Role?

Another self-doubting question. What's the point of asking this question? The only result is you belittling yourself. And this can even happen to seasoned individuals because imposter syndrome is real.

With this self-sabotage, you might just be enclosed to jobs you "think" you can do. But with substandard job picks, how can you enjoy life? You can't.

So enough of this. Go on and nab that next dream job. You will never know unless you try.



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If I Tried This Role and Didn't Like It and Leave, I Might be Branded a Job Hopper

Well, if you actually end up hating your new job, you cannot hold it against you. I mean this is all in hindsight. How would you actually know that you will hate and leave your future job?

Conversely, what if you DO like it but it didn't take it because you're too afraid to leave the current one you don't like. (Or at the very least, try something part-time if you're not ready leaving yet.)

You only have one life. And you don't know what will happen. You should not be paralyzed to try other things because of the possibility that you will hate it after some time. 



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What Will Other People Think?

So what? It's easy to say this. But if you are an achiever, those praising and giving you high regard might not understand your sudden career change. It can be difficult to justify, especially to the people you love.

It's all right. They may not understand and accept it now. But once you produce results, everything will be back in place. So for now, shut off their mumbling. Do what you plan to do. And reap the benefits in the future!

Changing careers is a hard transition. Most will certainly struggle with the shift. But you don't have to. Go on and carefully jump on the things you want to do. And may success ultimately find you!


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