4 Reasons Why Working Remote is Good For Women


Today's world is blessed with technology. We can now do instantaneous messaging, video calls, fly to other countries, and so much more. Just look at how the Internet changed society!

And for the working public, the Internet even produced a new breed of people. Remote Workers!

Remote workers are people who harness the power of the Internet to work anywhere in the world. You can work at your home, at a trendy cafe, or even at a beach in Bali sipping your favorite Mojito while at it. Just take a glimpse of a remote workers life in Bali in this video:



And more than traveling, this setup is especially good for almost all women. You don't believe me? In celebration of the Women's month, I give you 4 reasons why working remote is good for women.



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Productivity Up The Roof

Not all employees use their time with 100% productivity. I mean I doubt someone can. After all, you still need to go to the bathroom or eat lunch. All we can do is to increase the productivity for each individual as much as possible.

And with remote working, you actually can! There have been multiple studies already that prove that remote workers are more productive compared to their office counterparts. Just look at this 2-year study by Stanford.

If you feel the dragging feeling from the commute, the drudgery of office politics and the harsh judgmental "girl world" in your company, working remotely will eliminate that close to none. Hooray for productivity up the roof!



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Earning Decent Income and Savings at Home

If you have the choice and the same salary, will you work in the office or at home? Most will choose our home! I mean. The earnings are not the only benefit. I will also decrease your expenses.

No more random eat outs. No more expensive coffee. And the cost of your commute from your bed to your "office table"? ZERO! 

When you work from home, you get all these financial benefits plus more! Bonus tip, freelancers can even charge their own rates when they can justify it. You might even get a higher income from your office job in the long run!



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No Discrimination Because the Work is Usually Results-Based

Let's face it. Most women face discrimination at work. I don't know if it's because of a naturally patriarchal society. But generally, women experience a gender gap in the office place.

Women are experiencing discrimination in terms of pay, workload, and leadership opportunities just because they are female. 

With remote working, the companies usually care more about your output rather than what you look like or what your gender is. They are results-based. These enterprises don’t have the time or enough visual information to apply their preconceived notions to you. You can even charge them with your own rates!

With freelancing, you are as good as your skills! No discrimination.



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You Can Be The Best Parent You Can Be

As a mother, you want to be there in your child's formative years. But with the economy today, it's not enough for only the husband to work. Right now, both toil to get in the money for the current expenses and the future dream.

With that, family time is sacrificed. You are left with a choice, family or work? And it's not an easy decision. With remote work, you don't have to choose. No more tyranny of the "or". You can now do both.

Moms are currently earning Managerial to CEO income in the comforts of their home. And they can even do fun stuff! Just look at how these remote working individuals go over their day:


Remote working can be daunting to start. But every woman should definitely give it a try! I tell you, it's worth it!


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