4 Filipino Facebook Groups to Learn From and to Find Your Next Freelancing Client


There are many websites that offer freelancing jobs. You can even start with these Upwork alternativesBut finding the perfect freelance opportunity might be hard especially if you’re new.

For one, you don't know what you're doing. How do you approach a client? What's the price for certain services? How do you know it the job is legitimate? What are the steps to adjust to your new freelancing lifestyle?


A Freelancing Community is Essential

This is where a freelancing community is essential. A community is like a shortcut to your learning curve. Most of them already know the process and are veterans in the field you had chosen. If you're not convinced, watch this video to see why a community is important:



A good community usually helps their members (especially the new ones) in their journey. Go ask if the job is legit. What remittance company to use for your salary? What are the alternatives to get secure and reliable payments with High Forex rates? *wink* *wink*

But Paystaff aside, here are some notable Facebook Groups for you to learn from and to find your next freelancing client.



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Online Filipino Freelancers (OFF)

No, they are not related to electronics or OFF mosquito repellants. As of date, the Online Filipino Freelancers (OFF) community is one of the biggest freelancing communities for Filipino remote workers.

OFF has a very dynamic community with daily inspirational tips, job openings, and some just-for-laughs posts to lighten up your lonely day. To put it even further, they also conduct conferences catered to improve your craft.

Welcome to a repository of veteran freelancers. Go on. Let OFF turn you on!


Connected Women

They are not exactly just for freelancers. The Connected Women community caters to empower women entrepreneurs, professionals, and freelancers. They want to connect you to a world of possibilities regardless of your gender.

To boot, they have job openings for virtual assistants that were recently featured in the Asian money guide. That's a $900 opportunity while working at home! Do you want it also?



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Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms)

And more than just women, our moms chose to stay at home to nurture their children. But being a full-time mom at home doesn't mean you can't have a moneymaking career while at it.

That's why the Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms) community was founded. They believe that you can still earn your own money while being the best mom you can be.

With their community of successful freelancing moms, you are sure to get sound advice for balancing parenting and your online careers. Onwards to being the number one mom for your children!


Filipino Freelancers With Australian Clients

With many people looking for US clients, some freelancers opt to target Australian clients instead to mitigate competition. Australian clients are also very laid back and cool. You might not feel the pressure of working. 

That’s the purpose of the community of Filipino Freelancers With Australian Clients. They cater to the needs of this new emerging market. They have content specifically designed to nab your next Australian client.  Also, they offer free webinars to upgrade your skills. And post occasional job opportunities from third party AU companies you can try to apply for. Good day, Mate!

For sure, there are other groups that I haven't mentioned. What are your favorite freelancing Facebook community groups? How did they help you further your career? Comment down below! We would love to know your experiences.


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May 24, 2019

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