3 Unexpected Ways to Find Your Purpose

Unexpected Ways to Find Your Purpose

The year just passed by again. Was it productive? Did you hit your goals? Do you even know what you are hitting in the first place? For most of us, it's a big fat NO.

And it's alright. It's okay not to know your purpose as of the moment. It's a lifelong process of self-discovery. Trial and error as you may say. But do we just float adrift and live a purposeless life?

Another big fat NO! Life without a purpose is meaningless. With this, we need not put everything into chance. For those still searching, these are 3 unexpected ways to find your purpose in life.


Forget Looking for that ONE AND ONLY PURPOSE

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Forget Looking for that ONE AND ONLY PURPOSE!

Some people might think that we just have one ultra-specific thing we do we can call our purpose. And I call that nonsense. I mean, how many things do you like to do? How many things are you good at and passionate about? Plenty, right?

I mean don't get me wrong. It's fine to have that only one. What I'm saying is, you might not find your true purpose as of date by putting yourself in a box with the "only one".

Explore your options. Try new things. Don't get limited to just one.


Find Your Passion in Your Strengths

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Find Your Passion in Your Strengths

And speaking of passion, how do you find your passion? When you like to do something, is that passion already? Well, that is partly true except you need to qualify it.

If you check a plethora of successful people doing their passion, they definitely like to do what they are doing AND they are extremely good at it.

It is not enough to just be passionate somewhere you are not skilled at. It's a passion myth. So check your passion and work on it until the constant praise and achievements in the field transform those skills as your life purpose.


paystaff Join a Community: Learn From People Who Inspire You

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Join a Community: Learn From People Who Inspire You

Try to join a community. It may be for social or charity work. It can be a new club, a class, or a hobby you would like to try. You can even join specific groups by people who inspire you.

Once you get engrossed with the interest and you find people who are immersed in your newfound inspirational outlet. Go and learn from them and support them. This action might even ignite your own purpose in life.


paystaff Start a Side Hustle

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Start a Side Hustle

If you have an extra skill you really love to do, you can start a side hustle while working. Aside from getting extra cash (or experience if you're not getting paid yet), you have a breather from your busy schedules.

Regardless of how small it may look right now, start doing it. For all you know, that simple freelancing gig might evolve to your life purpose! Check this article out so that you won't get fired in your day job while doing a side hustle.

Again, finding your purpose is a lifelong process. But in the little things we do, we might find it unexpectedly. Go on and try new things! Let us find our purpose in our lives.


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