3 Tricks to Attract Top Freelancers to Your Business


Freelancers are no longer just mere backups. They continue to become the go-to workforce group for modern businesses. Freelancers are no longer confined to grunt work as well. Many companies nowadays hire freelancers as project managers, operations heads, and marketing supervisors, among other executive roles. 

There are many benefits to hiring remote workers and freelancers, including operational savings and increased productivity. With a lot of freelancers looking for work through freelancing platforms such as Upwork, you can easily build your remote team. Watch this video for some tips on hiring remote workers successfully:


But, it’s one thing to hire good freelancers. Hiring the best freelancers is another. Now, how do you get top-tier freelancers to apply to your job vacancies and make them want to work with you? Consider these 3 tricks!



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Pay Your Freelancers Right and On-Time

Many companies employ freelancers because of cost savings. Typically, it’s more cost-efficient to hire talents from lower-income countries. However, don’t be a cheapskate. Freelancers who meet or exceed your requirements deserve to be paid premium.

Research on the average salary ranges in the country where the candidate is from. If you can afford the higher rates, consider offering such. Make sure your job ad clearly states the salary you’re offering, so that highly experienced and talented freelancers will be attracted to send in their applications.

Also, when you become known for being an employer that pays well, it won’t be long before the word spreads. Most freelancers are members of communities and Facebook groups where they share their experiences and ideas. You’d want a good mention when the topic about good-paying clients comes up, right?



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Provide Some Work Perks Despite the Distance

Your remote staff can’t enjoy the perks that your office-based or local employees have. They can’t join you for company dinners and outings, or doughnut afternoons. However, there are still other ways to give them extra benefits.

You can promise that after a probationary period, they will undergo performance evaluation and get a salary raise. You may also offer to subsidize gym membership or health insurance premium. 

You can also consider giving paid birthday leaves. Speaking of leaves, you may also offer extra paid leaves in exchange of exceeding quota, finishing a project early, or closing a deal. A performance bonus will be greatly appreciated, too!



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Give Room for Professional Development

Freelancers and remote workers typically take care of their professional growth efforts on their own. But you can veer away from this trend. Consider sponsoring career development programs after the employee passes the probation period. After all, your business will also benefit from the new skills and knowledge that your remote employee will develop. 

Some of the programs you can support include attending seminars, conferences, and workshops. These events don’t only pave the way for gaining new knowledge, but also for networking and branding. See, your staff will essentially represent your company. When asked about what he or she does, your business will eventually come into the picture. 



Whether you’re already working with freelancers or just beginning to hire, make sure you take a look at these suggestions to attract the best ones out there. Do you know of other special tricks? Let us hear about them!


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