3 Surefire Ways to Motivate Millennials to Deliver Peak Productivity


Millennials have officially joined the workforce and the freelancing world. No doubt, they are creative and filled with enthusiasm. We can go as far as to say that they are needed in today's more "personal" and "creative" approach in business. Here’s a video about millennials in the workplace:



But they also come with a specific attribute. Most Millenials don't really get attracted by money and job stability alone. That's why a lot of them quit and find that elusive "dream job" they are clamoring for.

So how do you keep millennials motivated and loyal to your organization? Here are 3 surefire ways to motivate millennials to deliver peak productivity.



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Welcome Personalities Into Your Team

It helps to attract millennials by forming teams with interesting and fun personalities. You and your teammates will tend to feed off each other’s creativity. 

This variety of personalities will help you gain more insight, which will help you manage the team. Plus, you will showcase a myriad of choices for decisions that wouldn’t have been possible if your teammates all think alike.

It helps to work together and come up with new and creative ways to do something. This is what variety is all about. Your teammates come up with new projects that others will comment on or refine until you reach a creative consensus. Trust me, your results will be amazing.

Creating this environment where teammates feed off each other’s creativity will keep millennials hooked in your company.



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Give Them Free Time

No, you don’t have to literally shave hours off their workdays. Just respect that they have a life outside of work. 

Respect your employees by giving them the opportunity to gain and maintain a healthy work-life balance. While they are at the office, maximize their talents by giving them platforms to showcase them but don't invade their personal time thereafter.

Don’t keep them after work hours because this may affect their loyalty to your organization. You want to keep them happy and satisfied while motivating them to be the best they can be.



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Provide New Opportunities and Room for Growth

Another simple yet very effective way to motivate and maintain millennials is to give them room for growth and opportunities for promotions or skills development.

Surely your millennials staff will thank you for honing their talents as you provide them with incentives that keep them motivated.

Assign a variety of tasks each week or send your millennials to conferences and networking seminars to give them room to grow. This personality development they are getting from you will let them stay longer in your company compared to others.


Bonus Tips: Team Building

Who doesn't want to bond in a vacation-like gathering with your team?

Sponsoring team buildings, group outings, skills training, and other fun group activities heighten the chances that your employees become more loyal to your company. 

Just keep an eye out for opportunities to keep them interested and eager to grow in your organization. With that, I hope you handle you Millenial talents well! Good luck with your business!


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