3 Reasons Why Freelancers Should Target a Niche (And When You Shouldn’t)


The freelancing world can be a harsh place. Yes, it's available for all. But how can you take advantage when almost all can do what you do. How can you differentiate yourself from others?

One way is to target a niche. A niche is like a very specific specialty in a certain market segment like SEO writing or, to put it really specific, travel blogging for digital nomads on a bootstrap budget. Basically, you are positioning yourself to be an authority on this target market so that you can market your products or services better.

If this explanation is not enough, you can watch this video first if you don't have any idea what it is. You can also follow his tips to narrow down your niche further:


And it makes sense. These are the reasons why freelancers should target a niche.


Get Paid More and Brand Yourself Better in The Process

Why do you want to compete in a saturated market when you can just focus on a very specific one to get more money?

I mean, people pay for specialized treatment like how people go to an oncologist if they have cancer compared to a general practitioner.

They do this because that professional can target what they truly need. The same way an SEO writer can target Google ranking entries more effectively than a normal writer.

And to boot, it's way easier to set a brand for yourself because you know who you are targeting.



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You Get Qualified Leads

If you have a certain authority in your niche, your reputation can get you qualified leads further. They know that you are one of the best people to talk to.

Take note, these leads have seen your work already. These are mostly premium clients that roughly know what you can do already. You just need minor negotiations to close the deal. Feels like heaven, right?



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You Get To Produce Output Faster

When you are in a particular niche for so long, you most likely know what to do instinctively. You don't need to research as much as before. You already have a repository of information in your mind. You just need to execute it again.

(Pretty much like how Paystaff focuses on Filipino freelancers for payments. *ehem* ehem*)

Unlike if you're jumping from a niche to another, time might not be your best friend. It will certainly take more effort for the same output.


When You Shouldn't

But given this, it's not a hard and fast rule. Getting a niche is not a holy grail for your freelancing. There is an instance when you shouldn't.



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You are Just Starting Out

If you are just starting with your freelancing career, yes you can find a niche. But don't be too picky with the jobs you encounter.

I mean, I know you only want to do graphic designs for restaurants because it's your niche. But don't be prideful to the extent that you sacrifice not getting any clients at all. The market is looking for value.

And if you're not getting clients at a niche after all the effort, it means that you might not be that valuable in that niche yet.


For Your Survival

Moreover, your survival is more important than your niche. Accept jobs that you think you can pull off at the highest quality you can. With this, you might actually find the real niche you are looking for.

Instead, consider widening your customer base first to the point that you can actually choose the jobs you want to work on.

I hope you find your niche in your industry! Cheers to the growth of your freelancing business!


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